Top 10 Best Memes Ever

Given the fact that memes have made this world a much better place to survive has no arguments further, period. At least in this world where there are so much hate and controversy, one does not merely get time to laugh often. And since there are so many memes we have seen and which we will see, here is the list of the top 10 best memes ever.

#1. First world girl problems

There are a lot of variations to this meme. One of which is first world problems that are also the main idea behind the meme. It was first posted by Buzzfeed as a macro image before moving it to a meme generator app.

First world girl problems meme

It is used when you have all types of existential problems possible, and you just want to cry about it. It can be as petty as losing your earring to as big as a fight with your best friend.

#2. Overly attached girlfriend

This meme came out after Justin Bieber kept a challenge to create a “Girlfriend” counterpart of his song “Boyfriend”. The girl who is the starrer of this meme became famous after a screenshot from her video of girlfriend that was supposed to be a parody with personalised lyrics came out and became viral on Reddit.

Overly attached girlfriend meme

The meme is used when you are dating a girl who is everywhere you go in a very creepy way.

#3. Scumbag Steve

This meme became famous when a photo of a 16-year-old Steve went viral. His mother supposedly clicked the picture, but it’s the boy’s expression that makes this meme gold.

Scumbag Steve meme

This meme is considered utterly savage *puts a virtual cap on with shades*. It is used when you have dropped a bomb that has made its impact.

#4. Bad luck Brian

The boy you see with braces a sweater and a smile that creeps you out. Well, the star of the meme is Kyle, whose photo was taken by his friend when he was in 7th grade.

Bad luck Brian meme

After finding the picture super funny, the friend posted it online, and that’s when the meme was born.

#5. Success Kid

The original image of the success kid was taken by his mother who also happens to be a photographer named Laney Griner. The kid was only 11 months old when this photo was taken.

Success Kid meme

The picture became so viral that it also came to notice for all the meme makers. It is used as a meme when you want to encourage somebody, or you want to celebrate a win!

#6. Sudden Clarity clearance

The original picture was submitted to the Australia associated press who was also covering the schoolies festival.  In 2011, a Redditor submitted this photo with the caption sudden clarity clearance omg dubstep sucks.

Sudden Clarity clearance meme

This is how this meme gained popularity. It is used when you suddenly remember something, and it strikes your head out of nowhere.

#7. Sceptical baby

The photo of the sceptical baby is a cropped version of the photo taken at the museum of natural sciences in Raleigh by Jared Knoten. The original picture consisted of the sceptical baby Mason with his father, Dave.

Skeptical baby meme

The photo was submitted to Reddit which became insanely popular. It is used when you are not able to understand what to do or what just happened.

#8. Game of Thrones meme

This was the episode when Ed Sheeran did a cameo in GOT season 7. This was also the time when his hit song Shape of you was released.

Game of Thrones meme

And hence the club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the Riverlands is where I go!

#9. Doge

Doge definitely deserves a place in the top 10 best memes ever because this meme became popular back in 2010 and still the popularity does not seem to fade away.

doge meme

Doge is a positive meme, which is used to show amazement. Doge is the misspelt version of the English word Dog.


#10. It meme

This meme came out after the famous movie IT, based on the novel of Stephen King was released. In any case, the image victor wasn’t from the 2017 adaptation of the story.

It meme

Instead, a screenshot of Its clown Pennywise the in a sewer from the 1990 made-for-TV series adaptation got another life as a viral, bad dream initiating joke.


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