How to Get Access to Netflix Using VPN – Top 5 Netflix VPNs

One of the main VPN advantages is its ability to access Geo-restricted content. This means that you can watch or stream content which is banned from your location with the help of a netflix VPN. Using a VPN to access the restricted content of a popular site such as Netflix is common throughout the world. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Netflix loathes the use of VPN or virtual private network to access its content. It has one of the most sophisticated VPN-blocking systems in place. There are some VPN’s however, who remain a step ahead of Netflix and make it possible to access Netflix content of a particular country. These Netflix VPN have been described below.


Netflix has regional restrictions…

Netflix has a different library of videos for each country. The reason for this is the copyright law. The distributors of the movies and TV series have separate contractual agreements in different countries.

For example, suppose Scandal which is a US Television show available on the US Netflix may not be available on the French Netflix because its distributors have already sold its rights to a French TV network.

The US Netflix has the best collection out of all the countries. It has around 2000 movies and TV shows while some countries such as Germany have 1500.

A person in the US may have access to almost all the Hollywood content on US Netflix. On the other hand, a person in England may not even have access to a British TV show.

To get access to such restricted content, people around the world use a VPN. However, due to the VPN detecting system of Netflix, one server which may work today might not work tomorrow. Hence it is essential to select the right VPN service provider to access Netflix content.

Before knowing about the VPN’s which surf Netflix content without a glitch, it is crucial to define the criteria for selecting such a VPN.

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Criteria to choose the right netflix vpn?

While most of the VPN’s have given up on accessing Netflix content, there are some which remain one step ahead of Netflix. To select the most appropriate VPN, there are some factors which you should keep in mind. These factors have a significant influence on which VPN service provider you ultimately select.


The first is the download speed. Video streaming is one activity which requires top downloading speeds. In the absence of it, the whole purpose of it is defeated. So, the VPN service provider you select should have the necessary performance level concerning speed.

If it doesn’t then you will get stuttering footage as all of the TV shows and Movies which Netflix broadcasts have minimum HD quality.

Number of servers

Moreover, it will be hugely beneficial for you if the VPN service provider offers a large number of server locations. This is because you will never know which server falls prey to the VPN blocking system of Netflix. So, it is always good to have a few servers which will connect instantly to the US Netflix.

US Netflix is mentioned here because it has most sought after owing to its massive diversity of show offerings. Additionally, the number of servers also means that you are also able to access Netflix content of other countries apart from the US.

Privacy and security

Privacy and Security is another factor on which you must not compromise. The VPN you use should always if possible have a ‘no logs’ policy. Additionally, it should also possess a good encryption ability.

If the VPN service provider supports systems such as iOS and Android, then it is always beneficial as you can watch shows while traveling.


Lastly, the cost of the Netflix VPN service is vital. Since there is already a rental plan for Netflix, you should ensure that the price you pay for a VPN service is not too much.

One good thing to note is to know if the VPN service provider gives a money back guarantee. This is particularly useful as with Netflix, nothing is ever certain. So with a money back guarantee at least you are assured that you will get your money back if something goes wrong.

The best Netflix VPN service providers…

Below are five VPN service providers who are worth the money you pay for them. These VPN’s have been proved to access Netflix content and provide the perfect answer to your Netflix problem.

#1  ExpressVPN

The best all-around VPN for accessing Netflix. ExpressVPN has 1500 plus servers in 148 different server locations. They unlock the Netflix content across a wide range of devices.

Its speed is also reasonably desirable with it dropping just up to 10% speed on connections near you. Its customer supports also proclaims that it works in many countries apart from US, UK, and Canada.

ExpressVPN allows up to three devices for VPN access. Moreover, it doesn’t keep a log of internet traffic on its server. As far as security is concerned, it uses 256-bit encryption along with the OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and SSTP VPN protocols.

There is the cost factor to consider however as it is the most expensive option on the list. However, it is truly worth the money you pay for it because of its all-around performance.

#2 NordVPN

Nord VPN consists of 4331 servers in 62 different server locations. It is security first based VPN service provider. Besides the US, NordVPN can access Netflix in France, the Netherlands, Canada and Hong Kong. As with ExpressVPN, the company has a no logging policy concerning the internet traffic on its servers.

Moreover, it uses 2048-bit encryption supporting all the necessary VPN protocols. NordVPN also offers a whole host of servers for you to access Netflix.

Its speed is also on par with our non-VPN internet connection speeds. Additionally, it also provides a 30-day money back guarantee along with a three-day free trial.

#3  VyprVPN

VyprVPN supports 700 plus servers in 70 different locations. While it certainly supports Netflix in the US, it is believed to be supporting Netflix in most of the other countries as well. The main advantage of VyprVPN is its speed. It provides excellent download speed which helps while streaming.

As with the other two VPN’s, VyprVPN also supports the well-known VPN protocols. There is also a presence of NAT firewall for extra security. However, there is some logging which takes place on its servers. The connection times and the IP addresses are noted which it makes less useful security wise.

#4  Strong VPN

The number of server locations for Strong VPN is relatively less. It supports 45 different server locations, and the number of servers is 683. This VPN is relatively straightforward and based on the fundamentals. One of its other positive points is that it supports all the major operating platforms be it Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

Concerning speed, it is better than the non-VPN download speeds. This means that it provides a swift and reliable connection for assessing Netflix in different countries. Moreover, it offers 24*7 live customer support, an added benefit for its customers.

#5  CyberGhost

Cyberghost assures to get into Netflix in the US and most of the European Countries. It is also relatively easy to operate as one of its profiles is geared towards streaming.


One of its most significant negative points is its Speed which reduces greatly over long distances. However, it is situated in piracy friendly Romania. So, security is one of its best features.

Additionally, it also provides a 30- day money back guarantee which means you can opt out any second if you don’t enjoy using it.

Final words on netflix VPN

Netflix is one of the over the top media service providers in world and people all around are hooked to it for their daily entertainment. Using VPN will help you get around some of the regional restrictions which otherwise not possible to break. Remember that Netflix is smart enough in finding out and blocking VPNs but VPN companies also try to stay a step ahead in this cat and mouse game. Keep visiting this page for getting latest information on netflix vpn.


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