best sleeping position

In which position do you like to sleep? Are you a side sleeper or is sleeping on your back more your style? Or you have been wondering about the best sleeping position? When most of us close our eyes to hit the bed, we get into a position we find most comfortable. However, it is not something that we have given much thought to. Interestingly, according to experts, how we sleep tells a lot about our personality.

Foetal Position

Foetal position is one of the most common sleeping positions. In this position, people curl their knees towards their chest. People who sleep in this position are introverts and have a guarded nature. You bend your legs, and your arms are in front of your chest.

This shows that you have a difficult time getting close to people. These people often worry about small details and get bogged down by them. These people are often tough on the outside and soft on the inside. Almost twice the numbers of women, as compared to men, adopt this sleeping position.


In this sleeping position, the sleeper lies on his side with a straight body and his arms at his side. These people are carefree, social and accessible. These people are relaxed and laid back but, unfortunately, they can be quite gullible as well. This position is quite common but not as much as the foetal position.


This sleeping position is like the log position except that your arms are in front of you as if you are yearning for something. This position indicates an open nature, though these people are not as gullible as log position sleepers. In fact, yearners are quite suspicious of others, till the others can prove to them that they are trustworthy.

They can be stubborn and tend to make up their mind rather slowly.


In soldier position, people sleep on their back with their arms close to their sides. Only eight percent sleepers sleep this way. They have very high standards and like to keep things in order. They are reserved in nature and don’t want to ruffle things up. They can be very demanding of themselves as well as others.


Freefallers sleep on their stomach with their hands encircling their pillow. They keep their head on one side. Freefallers are amiable and social people but feel the need for social approval. They want to be in control but often think that their life is spinning out of control. They have an anxious nature.


People who sleep in this position sleep on their back with their arms circling the pillow as if in a sit-up position. They are very loyal and make friends very quickly. Their friends and family are extremely important to them. These people are very selfless and giving.


Stargazers lie on their back while sleeping. They wrap their arms around their head. Friends are of prime importance for these people, and they can do anything in their power to help them. These people have a positive outlook towards their life.

Pillow hugger

Pillow huggers like to snuggle and cuddle in bed. Their personality is similar to those the stargazers. Their friends and relationships are the most important to them.


This sleeping position is quite similar to the foetal position except that their hand rests on their chin while they sleep. They are very emotional people. Their moods tend to vary between the two extremes.

Which is the best sleeping position?

Different experts have different opinions on this matter, but most of them suggest sleeping on your back or side sleeping as the best sleeping position rather than sleeping on the stomach.

Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on your back is good for your spine and neck. You get the maximum support from your mattress in this position. This position is also great for your face. Sleeping with your face in the air and not against the pillow prevents wrinkles.

Unfortunately sleeping on your back also makes you prone to snoring and sleep apnea. While sleeping on your back, your tongue can constrict our airway by falling back and blocking it. Blocked airway can leads to snoring.

Sleeping on the side

Whether it is yearner position or log position, most people sleep on their side. Sleeping on the side improves circulation to the heart. Sleeping on the side also helps in reducing heartburn and acid reflux.

At the same time, sleeping on the side can also cause squished arm numbness. Resting your head on your arm can cause numbness. In this position, the shoulder supports the body, and this can cause neck and shoulder pain.

Sleeping on the stomach

Experts advise against sleeping on the stomach as it flattens the curvature of the spine, leading to a backache. Sleeping with your head on one side all through the night can also lead to neck pain. If you sleep in this position regularly, try to change this habit for the sake of your back. Use pillows to try to train yourself to sleep on the side.


Which position you like to sleep in is a personal decision. You should sleep in the position in which you feel most comfortable. How you sleep says a lot about your personality. Our personality remains the same over time, and so does our style of sleeping.

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