6 Best Water Flosser of 2020 to Enhance Your Oral Health

Oral health care routine is one of the crucial aspects of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Often people follow regular tooth brushing. However, flossing seems like a tedious task for many.

Ignorance to floss daily can lead to gum problems and in severe cases, periodontal loss. To save you from that misery, dental advancements have come up with water floss.


A water flosser is specially designed to apply water pressure that helps to flush out and clean the interdental areas.

Unlike traditional floss, a water flosser is easy to use and take much less time. Clinical studies have shown that water flosser is the best choice for people with inflamed gums.

Around 93% of gum bleeding and 50% of gum diseases have proven to be reduced by the effective cleaning action of the water flosser.

A water flosser is an excellent oral health aid for people with braces, implants, crowns, and bridges. They are also a prime choice for people who are looking for an alternative to flossing or have dexterity problems.

If you are new to this concept, this article will explain to you all the essentials required to know about a water flosser. Moreover, we have listed out some of the top-selling water flossers.

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is an oral healthcare device which uses water pressure to clean the area between teeth. A water flosser comes with three main components such as –

  • A motor with a pump which creates a stream of pressurized, pulsating water to flow.
  • A water reservoir which acts as a storage unit for fresh water.
  • A water floss tip which pushes the water out and directs it between the teeth.

Water floss acts as a substitute for traditional flossing and helps to remove plaque, food particles, and bacterial load more comfortably and effectively. Additionally, the pulsating action of water stimulates the gums and helps to reduce inflammation.

What are the best water flossers?

1. Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

imageSonicare airfloss electric flosser comes from the makers of #1 electric toothbrush brand, which is recommended by dental professionals. This device can remove upto five times more plaque present between the teeth as compared to a manual toothbrush.

Some of the significant benefits of this device include –

  • Excellent battery life that lasts for three weeks when fully charged
  • The nozzle is replaceable
  • Improves the health of the gums in less than two weeks
  • Requires a smooth 30 seconds cleaning routine
  • Safe for people with braces, implants, veneers, and crowns

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2. Waterpik Water Flosser Electric Dental Countertop Oral Irrigator

imageWaterpik water flosser is the most trusted product that has been awarded the ADA seal of acceptance. The Aquarius professional water flosser effectively cleans the plaque between the teeth and also around the gumline.

It comes with accessible water on/off switch on the handle which conveniently powers up the device. Other benefits of this device include –

  • Comes with a feature of 10 pressure settings, seven water flossing tips, and 90 seconds of water capacity.
  • It has been clinically tested to improve gum disease by using for just one minute every day.
  • The orthodontic tip is useful for people with braces and implant
  • It is easy to operate and much more efficient in cleaning the teeth and gums thoroughly

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3. H2o floss Dental Water Flosser and Professional Countertop Oral Irrigator Quiet Design(HF-9 whisper)

imageThis device is an upgraded version of the HF-8 model and is much quieter than most of the other brands of water flosser in the market. It comes in an effortless design for adequate cleaning of the teeth. The water handle comes with a five pressure setting option that can be adjusted conveniently.

Some of the significant benefits of this device include –

  • Water capacity of 800ml that serves a total of 150 seconds of cleaning.
  • The water tips are replaceable, and the handle is compatible with seven different water tip designs.
  • A tip storage cover allows the storage of 20 tips in one go.
  • This device creates 1200 water pulses/ minute to allow efficient and comfortable cleaning between the teeth and around the gumline

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4. MOSPRO Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator

imageThis water flosser comes with a portable cordless handle that is convenient to use. It adopts the advanced technology with three adjustable water pressure modes based on the sensitivity of the teeth and gums.

Benefits of MOSPRO water flosser include –

  • A removable full opening water tank that allows thorough cleaning of the plaque and limescale
  • The device is waterproof both externally and internally, and it provides dual protection.
  • The battery life is good and lasts for 7-10 days when fully charged
  • The cordless device allows for easy portability and convenience.

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5. Waterpik Electric Toothbrush & Water Flosser Combo

imageThis device comes in a revolutionary design that combines a sonic electric toothbrush with the effective cleaning action of a Waterpik water flosser combined in one. A simple push-button can switch the mode from brushing to flossing as per convenience.

Benefits of this device include –

  • The effective cleaning action of a sonic toothbrush along with the power of Waterpik to clean the areas between the teeth and around the gumline.
  • It comes in a simple design with no hassle solution as the two modes are combined in a single tip.
  • This device has been clinically tested and removes two times more plaque as compared to conventional toothbrushing.
  • It comes with a 2 minutes timer for tooth brushing with an extra 30 seconds pacer. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

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 6. Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser – WP-560 White

imageWaterpik water flosser is one of the most advanced water floss design which consists of a 360-degree tip rotation facility. This option allows for easy accessibility and efficient cleaning of the mouth.

Some of the unique features of this device include –

  • An extra quiet design with four hours of magnetic charging
  • Waterproof cordless handle
  • Comes with a three pressure setting, four flossing tips and 45 seconds of water capacity.
  • It comes with a microfibre travel bag which allows easy portability

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How to use a water flosser?

Every water flosser typically has the same three components. Follow the steps given below to utilize this equipment effectively –

  • Take lukewarm water and fill the water reservoir with it.
  • Turn the power on to get ready flossing. Put the flosser tip in the mouth, place it between the teeth, and gradually increase the setting from lowest to highest.
  • Sixty seconds is sufficient time for water flosser to do its job. However, if you wish to clean further, you can continue to do so until required. Use of water flosser for a long time does not affect the health of the gums.

Why switch to a water flosser?

Water flossers are much more comfortable and pleasant to use as compared to flossing with a string. Moreover, water flossing has clinically proved to prevent gum disease and reduce inflammation.

Water flossers are more effective in cleaning the plaque and bacterial load that may accumulate in the interdental areas. They are an excellent choice for people with braces, implants, crown, or bridge.

Additionally, a water flosser helps provide dental aid to people with arthritis or physical disability.

Take away message

Truth to be told, many people hesitate to floss after toothbrushing. One of the prime reasons being the amount of work in cleaning the teeth with a string and the time it takes to clean.


Water floss is a fun alternative to traditional flossing. It is a power-driven device that pumps the water out in a pressurized and pulsating motion to clean the plaque and bacteria between the teeth.

Additionally, a water flosser is excellent for reducing gum bleeding and inflammation. People with a physical disability can easily use this device to benefit themselves from the efficacy of tooth cleaning.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best water flosser that suits your needs and enhances your oral health.


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