Bill Cosby’s Net Worth on a Toll after He faces Multiple Charges for Sexual Abuse

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Bill Cosby’s net worth of over $400 Million is in complete danger, for the number of charges he faces for rape attempts and sexual abuse. Following the charge by Andrea Constand (Temple University Basketball Staffer) for molestation post drugging in 2004, as many as 47 women have come up and charged the Comedian-Actor for sexual assaults in the past decades.

Most of the women who have charged him have had similar stories to tell. One filed for molestation while she had an interview with him, another was a struggling actor, women who were waitresses, flight attendants during 1960s and 70s, all accused him of passing on drugs, and later they found that the man had raped, groped, or assaulted them.


Facing the above charges, Bill Cosby was out of the scene since 2015. He recently performed an impromptu gig on 22 Jan 2018 at a jazz club in Philadelphia which is quite surprising.

His second trial is yet to start in April, and many of Cosby’s friends believe that the accusations made by the women are false. Bill Cosby has himself told the journalists that many of the women trying to sue him are lying. However, it is highly unlikely that dozens of women will make up similar stories about him. Therefore, all we can say is – only time and the judges will tell.

Earnings that add to Bill Cosby’s Net Worth

TV Shows, Gigs, and Movies

Bill Cosby is one of the oldest comedians in the industry. Starting his career with performing gigs in the local clubs of Philadelphia, he found his way through the industry and went on to win three Emmy’s for his role of Alexander Scott in the movie I Spy (1965).

Since then, he has created many shows, albums & sitcoms such as:

  • The Bill Cosby Show – 1969
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids – 1972
  • The Cosby Show – 1984 to 1992
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show
  • Cosby

From The Cosby Show alone, he has earned $300M from the syndication deals which grossed at $1.5 Billion! Cosby’s share is only 20% of it.

Bill Cosby has also starred in more than 20 films in his acting career.

Investment in Property

Cosby’s real estate investments could alone add up to $100M to his net worth. He has got multiple properties on Beverly Hills and Pennsylvania that may cost between $60-80M and $30-40M respectively.


Bill Cosby has endorsed many products in his career and hence, has earned a lot from it. He has been the spokesperson for the Jell-O brand for a long time.

He has also been the ambassador of the following products:

  • Coca Cola
  • Ford
  • Jell-O
  • Kodak

Repercussions of the charges against Bill Cosby


Following the charges faced by Bill Cosby, a report from Huffington Post states that he may lose up to $10M per victim for the psychological losses.

Whereas punitive damages could lead to a more significant number, many lawyers believe that due to the repetitive nature of Cosby’s crimes, he may have to repay as much as $50 Million per victim.

The Name & Recognition

Now, only time will tell the number of plaintiffs that will be brought forth. From what it looks like, Bill Cosby’s net worth is going to get a hit for sure. Besides, what good is the worth of money, when he lost the name and fame he earned in more than five decades of his career!


In fact, University of Pennsylvania has planned to revoke the honorary degree that it awarded to Bill Cosby along with Steve Wynn, in the wake of their sex scandals.

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