bitcomet review

BitComet is a free torrent client that works only with Microsoft Windows. It has no support for Apple and Linux operating system. It has some unique features including the ability to arrange downloaded files by their types in separate folders. Also, you can use your native Anti-virus program for scanning the torrent files. You can also use this application as a download manager.

In this article, you find a detailed BitComet review from different perspectives such as application size & resource utilisation, user interface, features, etc.

Our verdict

Free torrent client

Embedded internet explorer window to cater torrent search function

Ad-free UI (user interface)

It is not available for Mac OS and Linux

Complicated user interface

Cannot limit bandwidth on individual torrent files

Application size & resource utilisation

The setup file of BitComet is around 15.5 MB. While installation, you will be prompted to install options for browser integration with IE, Chrome and Firefox. However, there is other third-party software which you may like to skip during the installation process.

BitComet does not take a lot of space on your computer, and it does not have memory bloat issues. Also, your PC is not overloaded while this program runs in the background. Overall, I would rate it as a lightweight application.

User interface

I did not find BitComet’s interface as easy as some of the similar torrent clients available in the market. It will take some digging around the various available options to understand. Although, you can enable or disable toolbars per your need. The interface is free from advertisements.

As soon as you copy the torrent link, BitComet automatically detects it and opens a popup for adding the copied link.


It supports BitTorrent extension and protocols such as magnet links, private torrent links, PEX (Peer exchange), UPnP, etc. It has features such as bandwidth scheduling, Web seeding, ability prioritise download of specific individual files in a torrent file, share your torrent file on a P2P network with other users, etc.

Its built-in search function will open internet explorer separate window, without disturbing the BitComet user interface. You can also configure your PC mode, such as auto shutdown, sleep, hibernate, etc. after a torrent is downloaded. It has remote download feature, which is nothing but initiating download or upload from a remote location with the help of web access.

BitComet is available in 52 languages. There is an option to control the bandwidth. However, you cannot individually limit the bandwidth of the different torrent files.

Supported platform

It has application for Microsoft Windows system. There is no support for Mac OS and Linux systems. Also, there is no mobile application as compared to other worthy competitors such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc.

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