bitlord review

BitLord is a free torrent client that works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It has no support for Linux operating system. This client application is also popular among few people because of its notable features such as the ability to stream videos and audios, built-in search browser, subtitles support, etc.

In this article, you find a detailed BitLord review from different perspectives such as application size & resource utilisation, user interface, features, supported platforms, similar competitors.

Our verdict

Free torrent client

Ability to stream videos and audio

Built-in search browser

Has Ads

Limited filter options

Application size & resource utilisation

The setup file of BitLord is in a compressed format. When you download the setup file, the file size is less than 2 MB but when you go through the setup process, additional files are downloaded from the internet, and the file size goes to 40 MB.

If you have a good antivirus, then it may be flagged as a virus. But do not worry if you get this warning. BitLord takes small space in your computer, and it does not have memory bloat issues. It utilises fewer resources of your personal computer. Overall, it is a lightweight application.

User interface

BitLord’s interface is easy to understand, and if you are a regular torrent client user, then you are good to go as soon as you install this software. All the necessary options, such as All Downloads, Downloading, Active, All RSS feeds and +Add a feed, are stacked on the left of the UI (user interface). The top bar of the application window has an option of search and different features such as Browser, DL Scheduler, etc.


It supports BitTorrent extension and protocols such as magnet links, private torrent links, PEX (Peer exchange), etc. It has features such as support to IPv6, RSS reader, bandwidth control on individual torrent file, have the unusual option of lowering the upload limit to zero, scheduler to limit the bandwidth by controlling the internet speed, encryption, etc.

Other features include:

  • Built-in search function
  • Video and audio player. It is version of VLC player
  • Ability to stream videos while the file is in downloading phase
  • Support for Airplay
  • Recently added support to Chromecast
  • It can add and display subtitles using API from
  • Built-in function to provide your comments on torrents which you download on BitLord

Supported platform

It has application for Windows and Apple system. There is no support for Linux system. Also, there is no mobile application as compared to other worthy competitors such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc.

Other similar torrent clients

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