Quiz – Black Hole is Still a Mystery. How Much You Know?

April 11, 2019, is the day, a team of scientist captured the first-ever image of a black hole. With this amazing achievement, curiosity to explore other black holes also increased.

Einstein was so right with his theory of relativity. These images of black holes prove the general theory of relativity again and so the genius of this great scientist.


There are a lot of astonishing facts to explore black holes. Play this quiz to find some of them.


1. Who was the first scientist to define Black Hole?


2. Black holes absorb all light passing through it. Which powerful force is responsible?


3. Every Black Hole has a center. What is it called?



4. According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, which one among the following is correct?


5. Why are Black Holes so special?


6. Why can't we see Black Holes with the naked eye?



7. When stars die, if they should have the mass of at least 3 suns for them to become black holes.


Massive stars, with masses of over 20 of our Sun's mass, may eventually create a black hole. That way, our sun should not be able to turn into a black hole when it dies.

8. Who is the lead scientist behind the first-ever image of a Black Hole?


9. What is the name of the first-ever photographed Black hole?



10. Black Holes die through a process called Hawking's radiation. True or false?


Black Hole is Still a Mystery. How Much You Know About it?

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