Bob Barker Net Worth

Bob Barker, most famously known for hosting the television game show called ‘The Price is right’ from the years 1972 to 2007 for 35 years has an estimated net worth of $70 million. There came a time when the star earned around $10 million annually for his show.

Early Life

Bob was born on December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington. He joined Drury College in 1941 on a basketball scholarship but left mid-way to train and join the World War II as a fighter pilot.

Before he could be assigned a duty the war ended, and he went back to college and graduated in 1947 with a degree in Economics. He married his high school love Dorothy Jo in 1945 and was by her side until her death in 1981 and has not married since.

Earnings included in Bob Barker worth

His career

  • In 1950, Bob moved to California to work in Broadcasting and even earned his own radio show called ‘Bob Barker Show’ which ran until 1956.
  • In 1956, NBC hired him as a host for a quiz show on their radio station called ‘Truth or consequences’. Bob worked on this show till it was taken off in 1974.
  • He was also the host for his most popular show ‘The Price is right’ in 1972

Other shows that Barker hosted were:

  • Barker was the host of Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A pageants from 1966 to 1988. He left the job as the organisers gave fur coats as prizes and Barker were against animal cruelty.
  • End of the Rainbow-1957 to 1958
  • The Family game in 1967
  • Simon says in 1971.`
  • That’s my line from 1980- 1981


  • In 1996, Bob made an appearance alongside comedy actor Adam Sandler in the movie ‘Happy Gilmore’.


  • Bob Barker owns a 5,575 square foot home that consists of 5 bedrooms, four bathrooms, fireplace, porch and a wet bar. The house cost him $137,900 in South Dakota
  • He also owns a home in Los Angeles, America.

Endorsements and ventures

  • Bob owns the company called ‘Bob Barker Company’ which he set up in 1972. He used to supply food and equipment to jails. And now the company provides top quality products at low prices and is become known widely
  • He also endorsed his female friend Rosie O’ Donnel to be his successor on the show ‘The Price is right.’
  • He is also the founder of his charity


Aside from being a host and a well-known personality, Bob Barker is also an author and has written the following books

  • Livestock Entomology Lab Manual in 1997
  • Priceless Memories in 2009

Social Work

  • Bob Barker donated $380,000 to Chimp Haven in Keithville in 2012 to help build a facility for HIV- infected chimps.
  • He paid $1 million from his pocket to transport three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a wildlife sanctuary in 2013.
  • He paid $2.5 million to help PETA build an office in LA in 2012.
  • He donated $5 million to SSCS (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) to purchase a new ship. SSCS helps prevent the destruction of wildlife in the water.
  • Bob also helped in funding $200,000 for the rescue of 25 lions from Circuses in Bolivia.
  • He also offered to pay $75,000 to the University of Virginia to stop using cats for intubation experiments.
  • Bob Barker when asked for just $5000 donated a sum of $250,000 to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation to buy avian ventilator.
  • He also gave $1 million to Drury University, the college he graduated from, to create a program to teach students about animal rights and ethics.
  • He also founded DJ&T Foundation in 1995 to help animals and control their population.
  • The Bob Barker Company foundation helps people who are to be released from jail to prepare them in every physical, emotional and spiritual way to come and adjust to the society once more.


Bob Barker is a big social contributor and is known for his hosting skills and social philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars towards causes to make lives of animals and people better. At 94 years of age, Barker continues to inspire people of every age with his achievements and contributions.

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