Box TV – A complete review of the Times Internet backed free movies portal

Box TV Review

BoxTV is a freemium subscription-based service that lets you watch Bollywood movies online for free. Their Library has various old Hindi movies and regional language movies. You may go to the website or download the free Android or iOS app to start streaming.

The Director of BoxTV is Pratik Mazumder, who is also the Vice President and Head of Marketing of Times Internet. Therefore, it can be said that the website is legal to broadcast movies online.

Times started the venture with an aim to combat the websites that provide free movies & TV shows streaming, such as Hotstar, Netflix, etc.

However, they haven’t been able to succeed in doing so. Let’s review BoxTV inside out and see how much it scores overall.

#4. Website look & feel

The website is ad-supported for surfing free content. Almost a fourth of the website homepage is covered with ads.

However, the categories are easy to browse.

BoxTV Homepage Categories available

I would give this a 5/10 mainly due to the ads placements. There are ads sandwiched among the movies!

#3. Movies available

Many low-budget films from Bollywood, Tollywood, as well as Hollywood,  are available for free on BoxTV. Also, the videos available are either too old or unheard of.

It is an excellent portal for Tollywood fans; you get many free movies of the most prominent stars in South India such as Rajnikanth & Prabhas.

The movies are available in 12 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Oriya, Bengali Marathi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

The interesting thing to notice when you scroll down on the homepage is the way they have segregated the content based on ‘Dubbed’, ‘South Indian’, etc.

Movie Homepage category on BoxTV

You can even get to see some critically acclaimed movies such as Masaan.

However, Due to old, unheard and C or D grade movies. This gets a 5/10.

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#2. Compatibility with Smartphones, Tablets

BoxTV is accessible on all platforms, be it a laptop, mobile or smartphone. That too, with both iOS and Android applications.

Watch Gulaab Gang on Box TV free

At all platforms, you can watch the movies without signing up. However, in the FAQ at BoxTV, it says you can only surf the website without logging in, but to watch, you need to sign in.

I don’t know what’s the confusion there.

Therefore, this gets an 8/10.

#1. Subscription Fee

One thing is for sure; you need not pay any subscription fee to watch movies on BoxTV.

However, even that has a price! Of course, you can’t have the latest movies to watch!

Therefore, this is a 6/10.

Final Thoughts

How I would suggest using websites like BoxTV, Hotstar, Yupp TV, Spuul, etc. is –

Only if you know which movie to watch, go to such websites where you get free movies online – then search for the movie on the platforms one by one.

Investing 5 minutes will let you know which movie can be seen legally. If you don’t find it, you have two options – go to a paid subscription website, or at least in 2017, we have a lot of illegal websites that are providing pirated content.

Some of these websites have such a good website experience and range of movies, it is difficult to check the plagiarism or legality of the website.

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