How Much is Boy George Net Worth?

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The British singer, songwriter, fashion designer and DJ, Boy George is worth an estimated $35 million. His annual salary is calculated to be around $3 million. George Alan O’Dowd also known as Boy George was born on June 14, 1961. His talents range from music to photography to fashion designing. He studied at Eltham Green School but later dropped out.

Earnings comprising Boy George Net Worth

Music career with Culture Club band

  • His dressing sense is what caught the eye of a music executive Malcolm McLaren. He called for George and helped him land a gig to perform with the group Bow Wow Wow
  • After he left the group ‘Bow Wow Wow’ due to indifference, he formed a band on his own and since all the members were of different cultures they named the band ‘Culture Club’
  • Their first debut album titled ‘Kissing to be Clever’ was released in 1982. It received three platinum certifications and cashed in $1.6 million
  • Their most significant hits were the singles ‘Do you really want to hurt me’ and ‘Karma Chameleon’
  • Their second album in 1983 called ‘Color by numbers’ was certified diamond and earned them $6.7 million
  • In 1984, they released their 3rd album titled ‘Waking up with the House on fire’ cashing in $1.94 million
  • Their fourth album was released in 1986 by the name ‘Luxury to Heartache’ and brought in earning of $60,000

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Solo Career

  • With the dissolution of Culture club in 1987, and George released his first solo album called ‘Sold’.
  • His single ‘Live My Life’ was his first solo US hit.
  • He released Nervous Headache in 1988 and Boyfriend in 1989 which did not receive much success.
  • He released music from his record label with a different name ‘Jesus loves you’ and also started writing music under another name ‘Angela Dust’. It is not uncommon for singers to use pseudonyms to write and release music in secret.

His hits as an anonymous were:

  • After the love
  • Generation of Love
  • Bow down Mister
  • One on one
  • The Crying Game

Boy George has performed in many festivals and shows since 2010.

DJ career

  • His debut in the DJ world was at a nightclub called ‘Philip Sallon’s new nightclub
  • He collaborated with ‘Fantazia’, and their music received a lot of success. He also helped a nightclub in London called ‘Ministry of sound’ compile a CD which sold more than 100,000 copies

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  • George owns a home called the ‘Gothic house’ in Hampstead
  • While filming ‘The Voice Australia, Boy George was living in a home that has six bedrooms, private jetty for a price of $5,500 a week

Vehicle collection

  • He owns a Mercedes Benz

Endorsements and ventures

  • In 1989, he founded his very own record label known as ‘More Protein’
  • He owns a fashion line called ‘B-Rude’ and has even had success at fashion shows in Moscow, London and New York
  • A documentary was made on him by ‘The Biography channel’
  • He was also a judge on ‘The Voice UK’ in 2016 and ‘The Voice Australia’ the following year

He has done endorsements for many brands, some of which are:

  • 2StarGold shoes
  • Alexander Mcqueen
  • Catwalk
  • Cesar Arellanes
  • GNAK


George is also the author of a few books.

  • Take it like a man published in 1995
  • Boy George in his own words in 1983
  • Straight in 2005

Social Work

  • He performed on a single called ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’ whose sale proceeds he donated to the victims of the Ethiopian famine.

Charities and foundations that Boy George supports are:

  • The Hunger Project
  • Action on Hearing Loss
  • Small Steps Project
  • Albert Kennedy Trust
  • Children With AIDS
  • AIDS Memorial Campaign

He supports causes such as AIDS & HIV, LGBT, Poverty, Hunger, Health and Children.


Boy George is a legend who is not afraid to show his true identity. He is known for his soulful voice and charisma.

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