Braces Colors – How to Select the Best Color for Your Braces?

When a dentist tells you to undergo an orthodontic braces treatment, the first image that comes to your mind is metal brackets and wire.

But with the evolvement in dental procedures, there are a variety of colorful braces available for the patients.


Traditional braces have different parts as brackets, archwire, metal bands and elastic bands. It is the elastic band which comes in different colors.

Orthodontic treatments last for several months. Therefore, it is essential to choose the color of your braces that you’ll be happy with.

Isn’t this a fun way to participate and add a personal touch to your treatment?

Nowadays, there are several colors of braces like red, blue, purple, white, clear and tooth colored. Some people use these colors as a way to show off their personality.

To choose the best color for your braces, you should have an understanding of which color is right for you and which is not.

This article will give you an idea about the different colors of braces and how you can pick the right color for your braces.

Orthodontic braces and colors

Braces are orthodontic devices that are used to align and straighten the teeth. It helps to position the teeth in line with the patient’s bite.

Braces are also used to fix the underbite, overbite, and overjet effectively. Furthermore, braces are an excellent source to provide natural smile makeovers. (1)

Parts of braces include –

  • Brackets
  • Archwire
  • Metal bands
  • Elastic bands that are placed around the brackets

The elastic bands are a fun way to add color to your braces. You can choose one particular color that you like, or you can mix and match to make a combination of colors.

Ceramic braces and Invisalign are the two options available for patients who want to keep their braces low profile. (2)

How to pick the best color for your braces?

There are several criteria that you can base your choice on. You can also experiment with different colors every month when you get your wire tightened.

If you love color combinations, you can pick multiple colors for your braces as well. There are many ways to select the best color for your braces. Let me get you started with some great ideas –

A color that compliments your features

The best way to choose a color for your braces is to look for one that compliments your natural look. For example, you can select a color that’s similar to the color of your eyes.

You can also choose a color that goes well with your hair and skin tone.

  • Patients with dark skin and hair can choose from a palette of turquoise, violet, navy, emerald, pink and orange.
  • Patients with lighter skin and hair tone look good in both bright and dark shades of color. Orange, navy, light blue, green, bronze and dark red are some of the colors that may suit such patients.

A color that defines your style

In addition to the method as mentioned above, you can also experiment with colors based on your clothes and accessories.

Being creative is fun. Braces are an excellent way to express yourself. You can choose the color of your braces as follows –

  • Based on the color of clothes you often wear
  • Based on the color of accessories you wear
  • Based on the color of your shoes

A color that makes your teeth look white

Another aspect to consider while choosing the color of the braces is whether it will make your teeth look white or dull and yellow.

Usually, blue and its shades make teeth look whiter. Neutral colors like silver and grey; warm colors like orange and yellow make the teeth dull in appearance.

Some people don’t like to show that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Adults are mostly concerned about their appearance. In this case, Invisalign or ceramic braces are the best choices. They are similar to the color of the teeth. (3)

What colors should you avoid?

  • Red – Red color bands may look good when paired with a contrasting color. Some patients revealed that the color red gave an appearance of bleeding teeth.
  • Dark green – This color can be mistaken for a piece of food particle in your teeth. This problem can be solved by selecting a lighter shade of green.
  • Clear bands – Clear bands tend to discolor over time. They often highlight the food particles in the teeth. (4)
  • Black and grey – Black and grey colors give a bad appearance.
  • White – White bands usually highlight the yellow tinge of your natural teeth. They also get discolored easily over time.

What if you do not like braces colors?

If you end up not liking any colors or if you do not like traditional braces at all, then I would suggest you ask your orthodontist if you are a potential candidate for alternate options such as –

Tips for taking care of your braces

Food particles that are stuck on the surface of the teeth spoil your smile. Unfortunately, braces worsen this situation. It is, therefore,  essential to take care of your oral hygiene while using braces.

Proper oral health care routine will help to maintain the tooth surfaces clean. It will also aid in keeping the natural shade of your teeth.

  • Use proper brushing technique
  • Use a proxy brush to clean the areas between the wire and the brackets
  • An antibacterial mouthwash will aid in maintaining good oral hygiene
  • Do not miss any dental appointments. You can ask your dentist to suggest any modifications in your oral healthcare routine if required.

Take away message

When you are about to begin your braces treatment, there are a few critical decisions that you must take.

One of them is to choose the best color for your braces. From a variety of colorful elastic bands, determining the best one for your braces may require a little bit of thinking.

Experimentation with different color combinations can be fun and creative.


Every orthodontic patient desires to look good with the braces. In that case, choosing the right color becomes an essential part of the treatment.

The best way to pick a color for your braces depends on your style, facial features, and tooth color. These subtle criteria ease your decision-making process.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and select the best color for your braces.


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