brad pitt net worth

Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s greatest actor and its very own heartthrob, is worth a near $135 million. This number has in fact tripled since Brad Pitt net worth and his wife Angelina Jolie together has earned more than $555 million.  We know Brad from many of his famous movies such as Snatch, The curious case of Benjamin Button, Inglorious bastards, etc. He is renowned for his diverse acting skills and good looks. A fun fact on Brad Pitt: “He has a pilot license for single engine planes”.

His Early Life

Born in Missouri on December 18, 1963, Brad was outstanding in sports and theatre in high school, but his dream was to be an actor. He moved to LA just two weeks before his graduation to take up acting lessons.

Total earnings of Brad Pitt that make up his net worth


He initially landed small roles as his career began on Dallas and 21 Jump Street. He also made an appearance on the TV show ‘Friends’ with his ex-wife, Jennifer Anniston.

  • The first movie to gain him worldwide recognition was ‘Thelma and Louise’ in 1991
  • His breakout role was in the movie ‘Interview with a vampire’
  • “12 monkeys” was the first movie to gain him an Academy Award nomination
  • Some of his other big hits were Fight club, Troy and not to forget ‘7 years in Tibet’
  • His average annual earning is around $25 million. He has acted in a total of 75 movies and produced around 32. His total earnings since his first film are a sum much higher than $200 million

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Property and vehicles

  • Brad first bought a house in LA in 1994 when he was married to the Hollywood actress Jennifer Anniston.
  • Pitt bought a $5 million beach house in Santa Barbara mainly for holidays in 2000.
  • Brad and Angelina own a 35-bed mansion in France for $60 million. This is the house that the Hollywood power couple married in 2014.
  • They also own a five-bedroom house in New Orleans worth $6.5 million and an apartment in Manhattan.

He also owns vast car collections that amount to $3 million, some of which are:

  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes Benz
  • BMW, Audi
  • He recently bought a Range Rover for $225,000.


Brad Pitt has made appearances in many Television shows namely:

  • The Jim Jeffries show
  • Out there with Melissa DiMarco
  • Unscripted
  • Friends
  • Glory days
  • Head of the class

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Investments and Endorsements

  • His investments round off to a total of $130 million
  • Pitt owns Plan B Entertainment that has put out many famous and Oscar-winning movies such as the traveller’s wife, Selma and 12 years a slave
  • The actor has endorsed many brands like Levis, Chanel No 5 perfume, Toyota Altis and Pepsi
  • Brad and his wife also own a $60 million vineyard that they bought in 2012 and have taken into the wine business, with their wine brand named ‘Miraval Rose’ ranking the 84th place on Wine Spectators list.
  • The first picture of him and Angelina with the newborn twins gained him $14 million by Hello Magazine!

Social Work

Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie are excellent examples of celebrities who never back out from charity work. The pair has dedicated a lot of their time visiting underdeveloped countries and helping them in many ways.

  • The couple founded the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006, launching it with each donating $1 million to Doctors without Borders and Global Action for Children.
  • The foundation helps needy local families to overcome their problems.


Brad Pitt is a renowned actor and humanitarian who is famous not only in the US but also China and India. Age is just a number. Brad Pitt’s net worth will keep growing and is unlikely to stop.

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