Bruno Mars Net Worth – From Nothing to 24K Magic!


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A dangerous man with money in his pocket.” That’s how Bruno calls himself in his world-famous single 24K Magic. Not sure about his dangerousness, but he sure is a man with money in his pocket! The net worth of Bruno Mars as of 2018 is estimated to be $110 million. The singer earns his income, not only from his Music sales but also from Concert tours and endorsements. Bruno Mars makes more or less $35 million per year.

Early Life

Peter Gene Hernandez, 32, was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii by his musical family. His father performed Little Richard rock and roll music, and his mother was a singer and a dancer.

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When he was a two-year kid, he was nicknamed Bruno, because of his resemblance to the professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino, which eventually became his stage name.

He attended President Theodore Roosevelt High School, where he performed in a group called The School Boys.


Musical Beginnings

Mars began to perform on stage when he was just three-year young with his family’s band, The Love Notes. By the time he was four, he had begun playing five days a week! When Mars turned 17, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in music.

The Struggle Phase

Although Mars had been a musician ever since he was a kid in Hawaii, he faced many rejections once he moved to Los Angeles. Shortly, Mars began to play cover songs around LA in a band.

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In 2006 Mars was introduced to a manager in Atlantic Records. Even though Mars was signed immediately, it took about three years for Atlantic Records to sign Mars to the label as Mars was expected to develop as an artist.

After being rejected on various occasions, Mars wrote and produced a variety of hit songs to further his career.

Rise to Fame

Bruno Mars became a prominent solo artist after he composed under The Smeezingtons, B.o.B’s “Nothing on you”. The song was a hit all around the world and reached within the top ten on various charts.

In the year 2010, Mars released “Just the way you are”, from his debut studio album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The song reached #1 within no time on several charts worldwide!

In the year 2012, Mars signed a worldwide publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis US and announced the title of his second album- Unorthodox Jukebox for which he received numerous awards including the Grammy and Juno.  

In 2016, Bruno Mars released his next album 24K Magic, and the album reached the top spot in many countries.

With his pace of growth, it’s not a surprise that the Times named him among the 100 most influential people. Forbes ranked him #1 on ‘30 under 30 list’. He was also ranked #13 on The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities in 2014.

Bruno Mars Net Worth

The 24K magician’s net worth today is over $110 Million. His net worth has seen a steady rise over the years. Mars earns an estimated salary of $35 million per year, not only from his albums but also from his concert tours and endorsements.

His recent album 24K magic was well received all over the world, leading to the sale of more than 1 million copies that earned him around $1.5 million.

House, Cars and Private Jet

The singer currently resides in Hollywood Hills, and the value of his luxurious house is $3.3 million. His studio is reported to be worth of $6.5 million.  Mars recently sold his mansion in Honolulu for $2.7 Million.

His car collection includes Rolls Royce, the price of which is estimated at $289,000 and a black Cadillac XTS, the cost of which is $72,000.

Mars also owns a private jet, Gulfstream G550, worth $53.5 Million.


The singer also earns millions from endorsement deals. The brands that are endorsed by Bruno Mars are Bench, Chromatic, NJOY, Pepsi and Selvarey Rum.


Bruno Mars is very well known for his philanthropic activities. He has partnered with Hawaii Community Foundation. He also supports various other charity organisations including Candie’s Foundation, Do Something, Global Poverty and The Rainforest Foundation. Some of his noteworthy benevolent activities are-

He donated $1 million from his sold-out Michigan concert for the victims of the Flint water crisis.

He donated $100,000 to orphans of Bantay Bay and Typhoon Yolanda.

Bruno started his career at a very young age and had remained a favourite of many, all around the world. His energy during his performance is what makes him an exceptional singer. The singer, who has faced a lot many rejections, has never given up and is one of the highest paid singers. He is where he is today for his sheer talent, passion and ‘Never give up’ attitude. Bruno, you are indeed, amazing just the way you are!

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