Why You Should Change Your Email Client to BlueMail

BlueMail a worthy email client

Are you someone who is tired of fiddling around your email accounts? Then, believe me, you are not the only one. Most of us either live with cluttered email accounts or spend too much time sorting and deleting emails.

This is a mind-numbing job. Isn’t it!

That’s where BlueMail comes into the picture. It is one of the most influential and award-winning email client application which can rescue you from your muddled email accounts.


Also, BlueMail can take your productivity to the next level by cutting down the mundane task of scheduling or sorting out important emails.

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But some of you might have never heard of BlueMail and must be wondering around questions like what is BlueMail or How-to setup BlueMail. In either of the case, this is the perfect place to start with.

What is BlueMail?

BlueMail is a people-centric mailbox. You can almost setup every email account in BlueMail such as Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and other emails through IMAP or POP3.

BlueMail Service Supported

Now, some of you may ask me that if there are similar email applications that exist such as Inbox by Google or native Mail application by Apple, then why BlueMail. Because it has all essential functions of any other email clients plus it has unique features like people mode, task feature, dark mode, beautiful UI, etc.

BlueMail most uncommon features

Let us discuss some of its remarkable yet most desired features which make BlueMail stand out among the crowd of other email applications.

BlueMail Clusters

Most of the email application has functions such as the grouping of emails. But somehow, I have not found it convenient while searching or looking for any particular email.

BlueMail has a similar feature with a name “Clusters.” Now you can organize your emails into groups, people, and services.

The user interface is insanely simple. You can go from normal mode to people mode with a tap.

BlueMail Normal Mode BlueMail People Mode Sort out easily

Clusters make it simple when it comes to checking any particular email quickly.

BlueMail Groups

BlueMail has a group feature through which you can easily send emails to a group of people without inserting individual email addresses. Making a group is also a natural process where BlueMail only suggests you group type by analyzing your previous email pattern.

You just have to assign group name, avatar, etc. And if you have enabled clusters mode then making a group is a breeze as you have to tap the cluster icon.

BlueMail Groups

So, next time if you are in a hurry and want to send a quick update to your team via email then BlueMail Groups feature can come in handy.

BlueMail Tasks

How many times have you missed your credit card bill payment or maybe some other type of bill payments? Humans are forgetful, and we usually have to take care of several tasks on a day to day basis. Most of the time we get reminder email well ahead of time.

The old method is to flag it, but then again, you have to remember checking the flagged mail.

BlueMail Groups

BlueMail tasks functionality allows you to put any email into tasks. Later, you can get the reminder of your scheduled tasks. This is one of my loved feature of BlueMail.

Dark Mode

Running any application live on any gadget could drain out battery super fast. That’s where BlueMail dark mode comes in handy. With a click, your whole user interface will turn into a dark grey mode, which will, in turn, save a lot of battery.

BlueMail Dark Mode

How to install BlueMail

I am sure by now you must have had a good idea of all differentiators which BlueMail brings in. Now, here is your quick step by step guide to install the BlueMail application on your smartphone or any other gadget.

Install BlueMail application

Install the BlueMail application on your smartphone or any other gadget via Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Apps.  BlueMail is a FREE application, and there is no hidden cost.

Install BlueMail Application from appstore

Launch and configure email accounts in BlueMail

Launch the BlueMail application and select any particular email account for configuration. Configuration and setup of email accounts typically take less than a minute.

Verifying Account in BlueMail

It may take some time to configure other emails accounts such as IMAP, Exchange, or POP3.

Provide signup info

This is the last step where you have to provide the name of the email account and description.

Configure other basic settings

As I told you before, BlueMail has the most powerful and yet simple user interface. You may like to enable or disable a few features per your requirements.

For example, I want to have a Unified view of all email accounts. So, I can swipe left or top and enable or disable options per my need.

BlueMail Cluster and Dark Mode with Swipe

Similarly, you can choose Clusters option, enable dark mode, create groups, notifications, etc. BlueMail setup is complete, and you have now enabled a more straightforward way of managing several email accounts retaining productivity level at best.

Over to you

It is a common observation that people tend to open only 15% of the total applications on their smartphone. Time has come to clean up your smartphone and install some cool apps such as BlueMail. This application is supported on multiple platforms starting from a desktop, tablet, smartphone, and even smartwatch.


BlueMail was also featured as must have 2018 apps. I am a regular user of BlueMail, and I can tell you one thing for sure that I could not have managed my emails better without BlueMail.

Do you know any similar email client application like BlueMail? Provide your suggestions in the comment section. 

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