Charles Barkley Net Worth
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Charles Barkley, The former basketball player of Philadelphia 76ers, is worth an estimated amount of $40 million. Although his basketball days are over, he is now a sports analyst for a leading broadcast station and earns a yearly salary of $1.5 million. Let us analyse his income for the past years up until now.

Early Life

Charles was born on 20th February 1963, in Alabama. He completed his graduation in business management in 1984 from Auburn University. In his final year, the Philadelphia 76ers picked him to be on their team. He married model Maureen Blumhardt in 1989 and had a daughter.

Earnings included in Charles Barkley Net Worth

His Basketball career

His career hit it off in 1984 and kept going upward for sixteen years. In his whole career, Charles earned a total of $40.3 million in just salary.

  • He used to play college basketball and won many awards
  • He debuted his career with the Philadelphia 76ers from 1985- 1991 with a starting annual salary of $307,000 that increased to high of $3.2 million in 1991
  • In 1992 he joined the Phoenix Suns with a salary of $2.4 million which hit a high of $4.7 million in 1995
  • From 1996-1999 he played for the Houston Rockets where his first-year salary was $4.6 million and saw a raise to the highest in his whole career of $9 million annually in 1999
  • His race with Bavetta in 2000 saw earnings of $80,000 which was donated to charity
  • At present, he is a sports analyst at broadcasting station TNT and earns $1.5 million annually
  • He won ‘Gold Medals’ with the official teams for America at the Olympic games in 1992 and 1996
  • Charles also appeared as a guest commentator in many sports-related shows

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Charles has also made income from appearances on TV Shows and movies.

  • He appeared on Suits
  • The movie Space Jam in 1996
  • Modern Family
  • He did a voice-over on the show ‘We Bare Bears’


  • Charles bought a home in 1998 in Scottsdale Gainey Ranch for a total of $2.2 million

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Vehicle collection

  • Charles owns a Lincoln Navigator
  • Chevrolet
  • Ferrari
  • Continental Supersports

Endorsements and ventures

  • Charles wrote one of the most popular campaigns of Nike called ‘I am Not a Role Model.’
  • Weight watchers made him their spokesman in 2011 campaign ‘Lose Like a Man.’
  • Charles endorsed T- Mobile and McDonald’s
  • In 2000, he earned $700,000 in Las Vegas from gambling
  • Barkley has been a part of many video game characters
  • A popular basketball game inspired by him is ‘Barkley Shut Up and Jam!’
  • The EA games NBA 2k17 features his character


Barkley is also an author.

  • He wrote an introduction to Rick Reilly’s book titled ‘The Life of Reilly’
  • I may be Wrong, but I doubt it
  • Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man?

Social Work

  • Charles donated $1 million each to Auburn University, the Wounded Warrior project and historically College of black Morehouse combined
  • He gave $1 million to his alma mater Alabama University to help fund black women and Clark Atlanta University
  • He launched a brand of wine whose 100 percent proceeds will go to charities

Foundations and charities that Charles supports are:

  • Ante up for Africa
  • Stand up to cancer
  • Enough project
  • United Service Organization

He supports causes such as Cancer, Refugees, Rape, Peace and Children


Charles is an inspiration and a role model for many young people. He stands up for his Black community and does all he can in his power to provide them with opportunities that would not be available to them otherwise. Barkley has donated millions of money for the development of their education. He believes that Black people have to work twice as hard to get to achieve their dreams. We hope he continues to set an example and be successful.

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