Can you guess the impact on Chris Rock’s Net worth after the Netflix deal?


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With a net worth of $100 million as of 2018, Chris Rock is one of the richest comedians in the world. From being a less known stand-up comedian in a comedy club to becoming a movie star, Chris Rock has indeed come a very long way which is expected to grow further. He earns an estimated income of $57 million annually from his TV shows, comedy tours and other ventures.

Early Life

Christopher Julius Rock III, 53, was born in Andrews, South Carolina and was raised in Brooklyn, New York and in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  Rock had a tough childhood and was a victim of bullying by his schoolmates. He went to James Madison High School where he was abused and was beaten up by white students. Shortly, his parents pulled him out of the school and Rock decided to drop out of high school altogether. Nonetheless, he earned a GED later.

Marriage to Divorce

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Rock married Malaak  Compton-Rock, founder and executive director of Style Works in the year 1996. However, the couple filed for a divorce in 2014, which got finalised in 2016.


The Beginning

Rock worked in various fast food restaurants to support himself at the beginning of his working career. A 19-year-old Chris Rock began his stand-up comedy career from New York’s comedy club Catch a Rising Star.

The Roller-coaster Ride

His big break came to him in the form of Saturday Night live in 1990, post-which he became an eminent celebrity and received various offers to star in movies. He went on to release his first comedy album Born Suspect.

But later when he got fired from Saturday Night Live after three years, Rock made guest appearances in other TV shows like In Living Color, Big Ass Jokes.

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In 1996, he starred in a comedy special Bring the Pain, which brought him the fame instead and people started recognising him as a successful comedian in the industry.

Comedy Central once listed him as the fifth greatest stand-up comedian. He also got ranked at #9 on the list of United Kingdom’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups by Channel 4.

Netflix and Deal

In 2016, Rock signed a deal with Netflix for two new stand-up comedy specials, with a remuneration of $40 million per special.


Chris Rock received various movie offers after his success in the late 1990s. He has appeared in more than 40 films, including his cameo appearances and voicing. His notable movies include Beverly Hills Ninja, The Longest Yard, Bad Company, Death at a Funeral, Grown Ups, I think I Love My Wife, Madagascar(Voice) and Good Hair(documentary).

In 2005, he produced a comedy series based on his school days; Everybody Hates Chris which got nominated for 2006 Golden Globe.


Chris Rock has also tasted success in the field of music. He has released four albums Born Suspect, Roll with the New, Bigger and Blacker and Never Scared, from the period 1991- 2005.

Chris Rock Net Worth

The net worth of the comedian/actor is around a $100 million as compared to $70 million in 2016. Thanks to Netflix, with which he signed a $40 million per special deal for two comedy specials, which became a major booster of his net worth, that was increased by about 39% when compared to the previous years. He earns around $57 million annually from his various projects, including TV shows, films, stand-up tours, endorsements and music.

Properties and Cars

Rock currently lives in New Jersey in his $4.14 million mansion after selling his 100-year-old, 3,700 square-foot Brooklyn home for $3.35 million against $3.85 million (initial listing)

Of the wide range of car collection that is owned by Chris Rock, people have spotted him in his Lamborghini Miura worth $2.5 million. Recently, he even bought a brand new Bentley luxury car for $6,10,000


Chris does commercials for 1-800 Collect and Nike. He also covered the presidential campaign for the show Politically Incorrect (1993).


Just like his mother, a social worker for mentally handicapped, Rock has never failed to spread kindness across the world through various activities. He is an ambassador for UNICEF.  He even took part in America: A Tribute to Heroes charity telethon for victims of 9/11. Chris supports more than 15 charity organisations including Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, Angel Rock Project, HOPE Worldwide, RED, Seeds of Peace and Urban Arts Partnership.

When he was growing up, Chris rock was pelted with abuses, bullying, and physical aggression. Instead of running away, Chris used them to build the steps for his success. We do wish to see more of him on the big screen.

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Feature Image Credit: Snapshot from YouTube Video: Tamborine Official Trailer by Netflix

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