What is Christina Milian Net Worth?


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Christina Milian a multi-talented celebrity, who can sing, dance, act and is even a producer. She has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million.

Early Life

Born on September 26, 1981, in New Jersey, Christina Milian (Christine Flores) is a singer, songwriter and actress. Milian was always interested in movies and singing. She starred in commercials from the age of 13 and later moved to LA to pursue her dreams. She was married to the producer ‘The Dream’ and has a daughter.

Earnings comprising  Christina Milian net worth

Her Music Career

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Her earnings from music are said to be more than $3 million over the years.

  • Christina was signed to the famous label ‘Def Jam Records’ when she was just 19.
  • She made an appearance on Ja Rule’s video Rule and gave vocals; this was her first ever TV appearance.
  • Her first debut album released in 2001 titled ‘Christina Milian’ and its sales earned her around $101,986. The top hits of the album were ‘AM to PM’ and ‘When you look at me’. Both of them were a success and made it to the top three of Billboard charts.
  • Her second album was released in 2004 and was called ‘It’s about time’. This album has one of her most known songs and her biggest hit in the US ‘Dip it low’. The income from the album was around $445,000.
  • She has also co-written songs for Jennifer Lopez and PYT.
  • Her album ‘So Amazin’ in 2004 brought in a total of $163,000 to her bank account.
  • She earned around $100,000 through her compilation with Young money

Her acting career

Milian always wanted to be an actress, so when her music career was going well, she decided to put the actress in her in the spotlight. She has made around $2 million from her movies alone.

  • Her debut movie was in ‘Love Don’t cost a thing’ in 2003
  • She has lead roles in the movies, ‘Be Cool’, ‘Pulse’ and ‘bring it on: Fight to the finish’

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Other movies that she has made appearances are:

  • Ghosts of girlfriend past
  • Christmas Cupid.
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Her appearances in 2017-18 have been in the series ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Shady Talez’.

TV shows

Over the years she has also made appearances in TV shows such as

  • Sister Sister
  • MTV Cribs
  • Smallville
  • Grandfathered
  • Family Guy.


  • The actress owns a home in Woodland Hills, California which cost her, an estimated $1.165 million. It is a beautiful house that has an outdoor swimming pool

Vehicle collection

Her car collection comprises of:

  • Mercedes Benz G55 which is worth $116,325.
  • Bentley Continental
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Mercedes Benz SLS

Endorsements and Ventures

The actress has endorsed for several brands. Some of the brands are:

  • Express Smile Atlanta
  • Lyfe tea
  • Fit tea
  • Viva Diva Wines
  • Honeycomb

Social Work

  • Christina has worked with many charities and has donated as well as helped raise a lot of money for them
  • She has been a part of the ‘Children Uniting Nation’ charity. She helped the orphans and foster children and was like family to them.
  • She modelled for a charity auction ‘Runway Wonderland Children’s Benefit fashion show’ and helped raise $13,000.

The charities and foundations that Milian supports are:

  • Ante Up for Africa
  • Cathy’s kids’ foundation
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation
  • Make- A- Wish Foundation
  • Stand up to cancer

She supports causes related to AIDS, Youth, Organ donation, Cancer, Poverty, Sexual Abuse ad Slavery and Human Trafficking.


Milian is an inspiration to many of her fans for her hard work and social service. She is an upcoming celebrity we can hope to see more of.

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