Classic Cinema Online Review

Classic Cinema Online Review

Classic Cinema Online is a platform to watch free movies online that specializes in old and silent films. It also has a unique collection of old serials or TV shows, which you may not find elsewhere.

This article will cover the various aspects of Classic Cinema Online portal and provide you with a thorough review.


Classic Cinema Online website interface

The overall theme of Classic Cinema Online website is red. The whole interface is filled with big movie thumbnails with title name, cc or subtitle’s availability and year of release. The top bar has its menu options which move up with the page scroll. I found this little erroneous since every time you have to go up if you want to peek other menu options.

Even the website search bar is at the bottom, which is again a significant flaw. I almost thought that there is no search option until I saw it at the bottom. There is no signup option. In short, you do not need an account for watching any online content on Classic Cinema Online.

Categories of movies and Serials

Classic Cinema Online has three main menu items as Movie Billboards, Serials and Silent Films altogether. Movie Billboards and Silent Films has ten head categories with 17 subcategories.

Movies are grouped in different genres such as Animated, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Documentary, Action, Romantic, Musical, Holiday, Westerns, and more. There is a handful of serials. There are almost 28 old TV shows which are grouped in different genres.

Some of its movies are worth a mention such as The Mark of Zorro, Hercules, British Intelligence, The North Star, The Outlaw, John Wayne, David and Goliath, The Vikings, Danger Ahead, Black Fist, Air Devils and Battle of the Worlds.

Video quality

Classic Cinema Online is an online movie streaming website which only features old classic cinema. So, do not expect anything close to HD quality prints. You will be lucky if you could see anything even close to DVD or standard quality.

Mostly, you will get 144p or 240p video resolution. If you are lucky, then you may watch some movies in 480p quality.

Video player options

Classic Cinema Online showcase most of its movies directly from YouTube. In a way, you stream movies in a YouTube player. YouTube video player is one of the most advanced video player available in the online space. You can do all necessary things like volume adjustment, full-screen mode, video scrubbing, subtitles option, video resolution settings and play/pause.

You can also find the movie IMDB link just below the video player. There is buy DVD link right on top of video player which has Amazon link. I also saw an option to download movies for free, and the link takes you to the Internet Archive website.

Ad experience

Classic Cinema Online is a free service, but still, I did not encounter any AD. Compared to any other similar services, Classic Cinema Online has no advertisements in between movie play, which is a welcoming experience.

Video buffering experience with Classic Cinema Online

As I mentioned before, most of its movies are from YouTube, and also films are quite old and have lower video resolution. As a result, there is no buffering issue as such. I played several movies on Classic Cinema Online, and I did not face any hick-up at all. Even if you have an internet connection with close to 1Mbps speed, you are good to go.


Classic Cinema Online doesn’t have an application

Classic Cinema Online does not have any free movie app for smartphones, tablets or any OTT (Over the top) TV box. YouTube does have application for most of the available portable gadgets. So, you can look for the same movie on YouTube and then conveniently watch movies on your choice gadget.

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