How to Clear Private Data Such as Cookies, Cache, etc. in Mozilla Firefox?

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If there is someone who is giving sleepless nights to Google Chrome and its popularity, it is Mozilla Firefox. Although Chrome is a big fish in the pond, Mozilla is the only browser that seems to be challenging it with its unique features such less battery usage on smart devices and laptop while you surf the internet. However, online security is an essential aspect of web surfing that all netizens must take care. So, if you are using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., then clearing your private data such as cookies, web history, saved password, etc. becomes an essential aspect of strengthening your privacy and security.

Cookies and caches can pose security threat while accessing email on Mozilla Firefox

Your privacy is taken care of by the email provider while you work on emails by asking you to keep changing your passwords regularly or even getting you logged out after some time.

But you can still take steps to make yourself more secure online while you open your email on browsers like Firefox.


For example, cookies and caches can make things very convenient for you but the same feature can pose a security threat to you. Especially while using your email on another device.

If you don’t clear your private data, you will be welcoming people who might see your emails or even your password! And so, it is imperative that you trash these stored items off your browser to keep up your security.

Steps to clear all private data in Firefox

A simple measure that can be taken to fight this threat to privacy is clearing all private data from Mozilla Firefox and to do it you may follow these steps:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Select Tools and go to Clear Private Data from the menu.
  3. CheckmarkBrowsing HistorySaved Form and Search HistoryCacheCookiesSaved Passwords and Authenticated Sessions.
  4. Click Clear Private Data Now.

And there you go! This deletes all the saved private data, thereby reducing the fear of privacy attacks.

For the sloth bears – Clear Firefox Cookies, History, etc. automatically

You can setup Mozilla Firefox to trash your private data each time you close Firefox browser to avoid the hassle of any manual action.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Select Go to Options from the menu
  3. Now, go to the Privacy tab
  4. Checkmark the option called Always clear my private data when I close Firefox
  5. Click Settings
  6. Now, Choose the data to be erased
  7. Click OK
  8. Close the configuration dialogue

Also, you may choose not to delete everything since you have the option to pick and choose per your requirement.


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