Complete Insight on Community Dental Clinic and Care

Community dental health care is a support center that aims at improving the oral health of children and adults in the community. Moreover, it provides affordable dental care to people with low income. Community dental clinic also provides quality dental service to physically isolated and disabled people in the locality. Community dentists are dedicated to organizing healthcare programs to provide access to dental care to people in need.

Rural areas primarily benefit from community dental care as they provide resources for the community to look after their oral health. Moreover, it encourages community participation in educating one another on the importance of oral health. Today’s article will highlight the importance of a community dental clinic. Furthermore, we will discuss the types of treatments provided at the community dental care.


What is a community dental clinic?

A community dental clinic is a social dental service center that delivers the utmost clinical dental care to the community’s people. Moreover, it promotes oral health education among the community people. (1)

Community dental clinic typically caters to the rural and urban population and provide essential dental health care. Some community dental clinics also promote mobile dental facilities to reach out to people who do not have access to dental treatments and services. Usually, a community dental clinic receives grants and donations from local areas to support uninsured patients.

What are the benefits of a community dental clinic?

  • Quality – community dentists are equipped with the latest technologies that provide quick results with supreme quality treatment. Moreover, community dentists are well trained and certified to provide accurate and efficient dental care.
  • Accessibility – community dental center provides dental service to people who do not have any access to dental offices. (2)
  • Comfort and convenience – most of these clinics are equipped with facilities such as wheelchair lifts and ramps to help physically disabled people and the elderly population in providing relief.
  • Affordable – community dental clinic aims at providing low-cost access to dental services by treatment and prevention of dental conditions of people with low income. Moreover, it educates the people of the community to look after their oral health and hygiene.
  • Prevention of dental disease in the community – community dental clinics and programs aim to provide preventive and restorative oral health services. Moreover, it educates the community about acceptable oral hygiene practices and the importance of long term dental maintenance. (3)

What are the drawbacks of community dental clinics?

The major drawback of community dental clinics is that it receives limited funds from the local resources. Moreover, there is a constant need for volunteer dentists to meet the dental requirements of the people. Usually, dental students or recent graduates come along to contribute to the community dental service. However, many dentists have a hard-time dedicated full-time work at the community health center.

What are the treatments provided by a community dental clinic?

Most of the dental treatments provided by the community clinic are based on the prevention of dental diseases. Some of the regular dental treatments offered by community dental clinic include –

  • Oral hygiene services such as professional teeth cleaning, root planning and polishing
  • Routine clinical examinations
  • Radiological examinations
  • Tooth filling and restorative treatments
  • Tooth extractions

However, treatments like root canal therapy and replacement of missing teeth with dental bridge, implant, or denture are not covered by the community dental clinic. Such cases are referred to the local dental clinics.

Prevention and education of oral health and hygiene are some of the most crucial aspects of a community dental clinic. Therefore, they organize many volunteer programs to promote good oral health among the people of the community and avoid the incidence of extensive tooth decay. (4)

School-based community dental programs are one of the biggest parts of community dental care. They aim at providing fluoride treatments and supplements to children. Moreover, sealant placements and routine dental check-up for kids helps to restore their smile. Moreover, it helps to teach proper brushing and flossing habits to the kids right from an early age.

What is the financial plan accepted at a community dental clinic?

Most community dental health services accept federally funded services such as –

  • Medicare – this is a health insurance policy for people above 65 years of age with specific disabilities. Although Medicare covers the cost of essential dental services, it may not provide coverage for dentures.
  • Medicaid – this is a state-run program that provides medical and dental benefits to eligible families. However, usually, dental services are limited to people age 21 years and above. Moreover, Medicaid provides coverage for comprehensive dental services. (5)
  • Some free community dental programs may provide dental services free of cost. However, these programs are occasional events.
  • Community dental programs also provide a sliding scale based on the income of the person and the size of the family.

Take away message

Community dental clinic is an organization that aims at providing essential dental services to the people of the community. Moreover, it is focused on preventing dental diseases by educating people about the importance of oral health and hygiene.

Typical services provided at community dental clinic include teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, tooth filling, and extractions. However, cosmetic dental treatments such as dental bridges and dentures may not be covered here; the patients are usually referred to local clinics.


Some of the benefits of community dental clinics include quality preventive care, accessibility, affordability, and convenience. People with Medicare and Medicaid are well suitable for community dental service. Moreover, people with low income with no access to dental care can opt for community dental programs.


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