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Cool Math 4 Kids is another member of the Constructive Media’s family of four online learning and games portals. Other members being the Games Portal, famous for all the math and logic related games, whereas the Math portal is known for the learning material and questions for middle and high school kids. Lastly, QuizLife, a quiz portal to test your knowledge.

Inculcating basic mathematics, concepts of language & environment are essential for development in early childhood. These skills make the foundation of a kid’s learning, and hence, if done right, can create a massive impact in a child’s life.


Well, there are many ways to make kids learn with fun. You may choose to go for an offline subscription based activity box for children, or go online and play some flash games.

Trivia: Do you know that Einstein was bad with numbers? Yes, he had a problem in counting!

Now, if you are looking for some mathematics-related games and learning material, the cool math network websites provide a lot of stuff to do online. You will find an abundance of games and concepts, and they are completely free and legal too!

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The parent company of the website, i.e. Constructive Media was recently acquired by HIG Capital, the famous private equity investment firm. Thus, making it a reliable and trustworthy source for kids, parents and teachers.

What to do at CoolMath4Kids platform?

They say that if you want to play some fun games, go to If you want to learn some math concepts, go for

But, if you are looking for some pure basic mathematics learning with games, brain teasers, manipulatives, quizzes, etc., then Cool Math for Kids is the place to be!

You get a variety of options to choose from when you open the homepage.

cool Math 4 kids Categories

Let’s look at each category one by one:

Math Games

Since this website is for kids below 10-12 years of age. A lot of focus is on the underlying mathematics.

Math Games at CoolMath4Kids Portal

So, you get a variety of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Integers related flash games to play such as Minus Mission, Orbit Integers, etc.

Here’s a game called Grand Prix Multiplication where you only get to accelerate your car only when you answer the multiplication correctly! Isn’t it amazing?

Car Racing Multiplication Game 11x3

But, that’s not the best part. In the end, you get the accuracy percentage and the multiplications you did wrong. Thus, making it easy for parents, teachers, and kids to understand where the child is lagging behind!

Multiplication Games at Coolmath4kids portal

Plus, there’s a sense of competition that the child feels while playing the game. Hence, the learning for a child is multi-fold.


Don’t want to play games? You can head out to the lessons category and start learning the same concepts from the reading material!

And it’s not just any textbook type material. The content is well researched for the best understanding of a child and the content team has seriously considered the Child Appropriateness while creating the lessons.

These lessons can be used by teachers as well. Teachers can get ideas based on how to introduce a topic to the class. Let’s say you want to teach multiplication of fractions to kids, say ‘what’s 1/3rd of 6? How do you do it?

How to teach fraction multiplication example at coolmath4kids

Fraction Multiplication Example at coolmath4kids

This is the best example of making a content child-appropriate.

The best way to teach kids is to get into their shoes.


If you have finished learning a concept of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division, you can head out to the Quizzes section to test your knowledge.

Here, I’ve selected a Divisions Quiz with numbers 1-10. The difficulty of a quiz can be set based on the child’s age.

Division Quiz 72:9 at CoolMath4Kids Portal

Now, to answer the division problem, you have to submit the answer before the timer is out. After finishing the quiz, you can see the results and also get to know the average time spent on each question.

division Quiz Result at

These statistics appear the same/similar way when you give a GMAT/GRE/CAT, or any other competitive exam. Only the difficulty of topics differs.

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he will eat for life.

Therefore, if you teach kids how to evaluate themselves, then they will understand the skill of learning.

Manipulatives & Brain Teasers


Well, this is my favourite category on the site. If you’re listening, then I request the content team to make more of manipulatives as it is one the best learning materials I have found so far that allows the kids to learn dynamic concepts of the number line, shapes, angles, etc.

Manipulatives at

If you click on the number line manipulative, you get to a window where you need first to select the ‘jump’, meaning, the number of numbers you want to ‘jump’.

The kids can now place the same at 7; this allows the kids to understand the number line:

As you keep the jump of ‘+13’ on 7, it makes it 7+13 = 20

Number Line Manipulative Coolmath4Kids

Trust me. It is an essential concept for a child to understand. It helps even in high school when you find out the zeroes of a polynomial! So, it all starts with the primary education, and such fun ways to learn like manipulatives are a boon for kids of this era!

Here’s also a snapshot of playing with figures and creating designs using the geometrical shapes.

Manipulatives Shapes at

Brain Teasers

Well, instead of speaking about it. I would like you to see it yourself. Okay, here’s a question for you from the brain teasers:

In a family photo, below are the family members that you can see:

  • 1 Grandfather
  • 1 Grandmother
  • 2 Fathers
  • 2 Mothers
  • 6 Children
  • 4 Grandchildren
  • 2 Sisters
  • 2 Brothers
  • 3 Sons
  • 3 Daughters
  • 1 Father-in-law
  • 1 Mother-in-law
  • One Daughter-in-law

Now tell me, what is the fewest number of people possible in the photo?

I will let you guys figure that out yourself. You can let me know the answer in the comments section.

What’s More?

If you click on the ‘More’ Category, you will find some printable flash cards that parents and teachers can use at home or classroom.


What's more at

There is also some trivial information about solids – Polyhedra and Tessellations.

A child’s development is every parent or teacher’s utmost worry. And in the era of internet, we are going through a digital transformation of education & lifestyle.

There are many digital ways to allow children to explore their minds and ideas. is one such portal.

Do you know of any other education or games portal such as FRIV, AGame, etc.? Let us know in the comments below.


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