A complete review of Cool Math Games – Gaming Experience, Compatibility & Safety

Cool Math Games or www.coolmath-games.com is a digital platform to play free online games in various mathematics-related skills such as logic, strategy, numbers, etc. It is one of the most popular websites among children, parents, and teachers.

In my previous post about Cool Math Games, I talked about the management team behind the website, the gameplay, and some of the popular games.


This time, let’s review the website in & out and see how cool will the final ratings be!

Well, compared to other free gaming websites, cool math games have picked up a niche in mathematics related games, and they stick to it.

Although it sounds like a small niche, but the whole games & learning network consists of four websites in total. The other three being –  Cool Math, CoolMath4Kids, & Quizlife. Together, they possess a vast user-base of 53 million people!

Now let’s see what this gaming website has in store regarding:

  • Website look & feel
  • Variety of Games available
  • Compatibility with devices
  • Safety and Kids-Friendliness
  • Gaming Experience
  • Future Potential

#1. Website experience

It’s pretty clear that the Constructive Media team is aware of who they are catering to. Since their user-base majorly consists of kids, they’ve made the gaming website extremely simple and easy to browse.

The homepage itself offers you 50+ games and a variety of categories to explore,  such as New Games, Popular Games, etc.

One thing you can’t miss is the ‘Top Ten Games’ section that literally has the best games I’ve played on the cool math games website.

Top Ten Games on Cool Math Games

I am sure that whoever has played Run 1, 2, or 3, or Fireball & Watergirl, would agree that these are one the most intriguing games you can find on the internet!

However, the website is ad-supported and does show ads on the homepage and individual games’ pages. Also, like YouTube, you see one advertisement before starting any game.

There’s nothing wrong with that though! They have a team, and their job is to provide you with flash games, in return, they are making money by endorsing some products. Facebook, YouTube, Google, are all making money through ads!

So, I would give them a 7/10 on the website look & feel.

#2. Games Available

There are hundreds of games to play on the cool math games portal unlike many other gaming websites such as the famous FRIV Games Network.

The best games I’ve played so far on www.coolmath-games.com are:

  • Run Series
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Fireboy & Watergirl
  • Red Ball

However, you can also browse games depending upon the type of game you want to play from the list of:

Cool Math Games.com website Category of cool math games

  • Strategy based games such as Chess, Awesome Tanks, and Sugar Sugar
  • Skill-based games – Red Ball, Parking Mania, Snake
  • Numbers – 2048, Sudoku, Rullo, etc.
  • Logic Games – Blob’s Story (rope cutting game), Snail Bob, B-cubed

In short, there’s a lot, explore yourself and tell us what you like playing!

Also, based on this parameter I would give them an 8/10.

#3. Safety and kids-friendliness

Well, I will only state a fact to prove the safety point – Constructive Media was acquired by HIG Capital in 2015, and since then, the reach and popularity of the network has increased many-fold. Especially among the kids, teachers, and some parents too.

The website is entirely kid-friendly. There is no sign of inexplicit content, obscenity, vulgarity or violence whatsoever. Even the advertisements are in fact, explicit.

Therefore, the website gets a 10/10 on this parameter.

#4. Compatibility with Smartphones and Tablets

One of the things that the CEO made sure after the acquisition of the company in 2015 was to make the website completely accessible from all platforms. Here’s a screenshot while playing Parking Fury from my Smartphone:

Cool Math Games Compatibility with Smartphone

Now, you can play the same flash game on your laptop, mobile, or tablet. This feature is not yet prominent in many of the famous gaming websites.

Hence, this gets a 10/10 too!

#5. Gaming Experience

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts too – finding high quality of games on such platforms is like hoping for a 4K HD video quality from a TV that cannot support it!

You can’t expect much from mere flash games.

These are 2-D games and are only meant to provide the basic level of quality in the games.

However, the games are challenging! Especially, the games – Run Series & Red Ball will definitely make you feel so!

I must say, the advertisement that appears at the beginning of the game is something that spoils the gaming experience a bit.

Hence, it’s a 5/10 on the gaming part.

#6. Future of Cool Math Games

Since the acquisition of the company by HIG, there has been an exponential growth in the user-base of Constructive Media.

Surely, Constructive Media and its digital products are going to grow and cater to people of all ages.


Who knows, with the rapidly growing technology, we might be able to play FIFA 2029 on such online platforms!

But, I can only judge based on their user-base. Therefore, the numbers of users have been adding to the portal since 2011, and the huge number of 53 million will continue to grow.

Do you know of any other gaming website to play logical or strategy games? Let us know in the comments below.


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