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The very foundation of piracy or pirated content lies in the idea of watching free movies or TV shows, reading books, playing games, or doing any other activity for free. But, piracy hits badly to producers and developers since they need to fill their pockets and stomachs for the time & effort they invested in creating the piece of content. However, free movie apps and sites like Crackle follow an online distribution approach where they provide movies & TV shows for free by making money through advertisements.

Crackle is a free ad-supported video streaming website by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It features hundreds of uncut and full-length movies & TV shows by either producing originally or partnering with other production houses.


Of course, there is a drastic difference in the content of Crackle vs Netflix or Amazon Prime.

If you’re looking for latest movies & TV Shows of all production houses on places like Crackle, you’re looking at the wrong place.

However, there are many new & old movies & shows you can watch for free! You can even find Originals on the site.

Below is the trailer of a recent Crackle Original Series called The Oath.

Crackle’s library refreshes every month so that you can enjoy a variety of free content. Some of the shows and movies currently up are ‘StartUp’, ‘Snatch’, etc. It also had ‘Comedians’ by Seinfeld previously but Jerry Seinfeld has now moved to Netflix.

Crackle Movies to watch free movies originals

Sony created & Crackle TV to make it a one-stop place to enjoy watching videos on all devices. Crackle is compatible with a variety of devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, TV, Roku, Play Station, and Apple TV.

Watch videos on multiple platforms

Let’s talk about the registration first. It doesn’t cost a dime to register for Crackle.

However, it’s better to register as it is free. Plus, you get some benefits of creating a playlist, not entering your age every time you watch an R-rated movie and you get lesser ads!

Crackle is proud of their integration with multiple platforms wherein if you are watching a movie on and wish to resume later. You may pause and continue on any other device that supports Crackle TV, or on your smartphone through iOS and Android Crackle app.

However, there is no comparison of Crackle’s over 200 movies and 50+ TV shows to the media streaming giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime that feature over one lakh movies and TV shows. But, there is a paid subscription of $8 or 500 INR involved too!

However, Crackle fails in its reachability. Their services of are only extended to US, Canada, Australia and 18 other countries, making it a less global source.


Since it’s free, you should not expect much from the quality. Crackle offers a video watching experience in 360p and 480p and does not support HD.

However, it’s pretty decent when you watch it on your phone or laptop. Still better than watching pirated content in CAM or DVD prints anyway.

Accessing Crackle from a laptop can be done through Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Make sure to enable Cookies, JavaScript, and Adobe Flash Player (10.0.22 or above).

For any other queries or questions, you may like to refer the official FAQ of Crackle.

Shows on Crackle

Currently running hot on Crackle are:


A tech + thriller show in which Martin Freeman stars as an FBI agent investigating the StartUp that is based on bitcoin-like virtual currency and is into some dirty business. Check out the trailer:



It’s based on the famous 2001 movie by Guy Ritchie, Snatch that starred actors like Brad Pitt and Jason Statham.

In the TV adaptation Snatch, Luke Pasqualino & Rupert Grint (who also played Ron from Harry Potter Series) play the lead.

The show has received a mix of reviews. While some people like it, others are finding it a waste of time. But reviews are a different story. You can check it out and decide for yourself!


Crackle makes a good alternative to Netflix or Amazon Prime if you are interested in watching movies for free.


Crackle’s integration with multiple platforms like TV, Xbox, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. make it a one-stop place to watch over 250 movies and TV shows.

Also, in an age where the legality of a website is hard to know, sites and apps like, Yidio, Popcorn Flix, SnagFilms, Viewster, etc. are a gift for us to enjoy free streaming of videos.


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