Learn how to create your own PayPal account & login credentials

If your work revolves around the internet, if you are making money online, or doing any other job that requires making payments to another country, having a PayPal account is a must. Through this post, we will focus on how to create your own login credentials on paypal.com.

You must have heard about PayPal and would know what it does. But, do you know the story behind the creation of the most successful internet payments system currently in the world? Check out the story of PayPal Mafia!


Now, let’s learn:

  • How to create an account on paypal.com
  • Some points to remember when using the services from India
  • About PayPal Money Adder tools – Safe or Fake?

Steps for creating PayPal login credentials

Step #1

Open the Sign in page. Then, click on ‘Sign Up’ as shown in the picture below:

PayPal Login Account Sign Up Homepage

Step #2

Choose the type of account you want between Individual or Business Purpose.
If you’re going to receive any payment in return for some services, you should opt for a business account.

PayPal Account choose individual or business

Step #3

Enter your e-mail address and set up a secure password.

PayPal Login email ID and passwordStep #4

Enter your details. Check the ‘communications and notifications preferences’ box.
Lastly, Click on ‘Agree and Create Account.’

PayPal Account Personal Details for PayPal Login

Step #5

Enter your debit/credit card details from which you would like to make payments or add money to PayPal
You can also skip this step and proceed to create your PayPal account. You can go back later to add your card details.

PayPal Account Link Debit:Credit Card for PayPal LoginStep #6

When you proceed with Step 5, you complete the procedure for setting up your login credentials. Let’s see some further steps/notes needed to set up the account requirements completely.
PayPal account for selling

Essential notes for selling through PayPal in India

  • You need to confirm your email address to complete the PayPal Login process
  • Submit your Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by the Income Tax Department
  • To receive payments, you need to add the bank account details in which you’d receive payments
  • You also need to mention a Default Purpose Code which signifies the kind of goods or services you are providing for the payment that you receive. For example, freelance, hardware, software, tourism, advertising, etc.

Lastly: Beware of PayPal Money Adder Tools

Quite recently, PayPal Money Adder became a buzz as it showed/shows people the dream of adding money to your PayPal account without taking any money from you!

I would like all of you guys to be aware of these ‘PayPal Money Adder’ or ‘PayPal Money Generator’ tools as PayPal does not have any such tool of its own.

It may be a hoax, a virus, somebody playing a good prank, or somebody getting you to fill a survey or share a post.

Therefore, don’t get lured by any ‘PayPal Money Adder’ click bait advertisement or website. Nothing has been said or proved about the legality of the same. Also, there are no good authority websites which are having this tool. So, beware.

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