How to Create a Safari Shortcut on Your iPhone Home Screen?

The Safari web browser is the most commonly used web browser on iOS and accounts for more than 90% of the online web activities. Needless to say, it is the most preferred web browser on iPhone or any iOS device. It has quite a reasonable probability of being on the list of your frequently used apps.

If you tend to frequently visit any web page or website in Safari browser on your iPhone, then it surely makes sense to create a shortcut on your iPhone home screen. The reason is simple, it will save time by providing you one click-option to open your desired website.

Steps to create a Safari shortcut on your iPhone or any iOS device

  1. Open Safari browser.
  2. Go to a website that the shortcut icon should launch.
  3. Tap the share
  4. Scroll and choose Add to Home screen.
  5. Tap Add to save the new icon on your home screen.
  6. Safari will minimise and voila you’ll have the new shortcut icon will be placed among the other app icons.

Apple brought with itself an era of smartphones, and since the time this brand arrived, it has been setting trends all over the globe. It offers tons of features, customisations and so much more to give justice to its name.

The iPhone has a home screen that you can effortlessly glide your fingers across to reach where you want to and do what you feel like. The icons present on the home screen are a direct gateway to the apps and thus it is worth spending time creating your favourite website Safari shortcut on your iPhone home screen.


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