Dental Quiz – Do You Know Your Teeth? Play to Test Your Wits

Teeth are one of the crucial aspects of our mouth. They carry out multiple functions, such as chewing, eating, and talking. Moreover, teeth make our smile look natural and appealing. Often, we neglect the importance of teeth and do not realize that it is made from complex tissues.

Typically, two sets of teeth occur during childhood and adulthood, respectively. Therefore, human dentition is also known as diphyodont (two sets of dentitions). Here is a simple dental quiz to test your knowledge about the teeth and its various parts.

What does the innermost layer of the tooth consist of?


What is the outermost layer of the tooth called?


What tissue of the tooth maintains its vitality and is responsible for tooth pain?



What is the part of the tooth visible above the gums?


Which part of the tooth is responsible for tooth sensitivity?


What do you call baby teeth?



Which set of teeth help to grind the food into small pieces?


Which layer covers the root of the tooth?


Which type of teeth helps in tearing the food in the mouth?



Which are the last teeth that erupt in the mouth?


Do You Know All About Your Teeth? Play This Quiz to Test

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Bravo!! You know so much about your teeth. Are you motivated to find more? Head to Dental Anatomy section on Stemjar.
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Good One!! You know so much about your teeth. Are you motivated to find more? Head to Dental Anatomy section on Stemjar.
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Not too bad!! You should know more about your teeth. Are you motivated to find more? Head to Dental Anatomy section on Stemjar.

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