9 Healthy Tips for Your 7-Day Detox Diet Plan

Exhaustion, constipation, dehydration, skin breakout, hair fall, irritability – these are the sure-shot signs of toxin accumulation in the body. Detox diets have become a go-to-thing when people feel their health might be hitting low on the radar. The added bonus a detox diet offers is quick weight loss along with gut rejuvenation and energy boost.

Sure, there will only be shedding of some water weight or fat reserve in the beginning, but if practiced over a long time with proper guidelines, you will get to the final goal. The best detox diet plan is the ones with a 7-day plan.


If adopted with proper care and instructions, you may resort to healthy eating your entire life. While there are numerous diet plans on the internet, all this information overload leaves one only more confused.

You may get an idea of what to eat and when to eat but what most people ‘miss out on’ is the ‘how’ of a diet plan. Therefore, we list out some quick little tips on what to expect and how to tackle that nicely.

7-day detox diet plan


A detox is not only what you eat but also how you plan to eat and do things alongside. A mild exercise such as a brisk walk, jogging, skipping, stretching, biking, dancing, swimming i.e., any physical activity goes a long way to get all that toxin build up and waste remove easily from the body. Therefore, keep your neurons always firing.

Drink lots of water

Make it a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses of water in the entire day along with some healthy juices and smoothies. Water helps flush out toxins from the body through sweating excreting. Get yourself adapted to drinking a glass of warm water in the morning.

To top it all, add some lemon or cucumber slices in the water for a quick dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C in the morning makes sure all your digestive juices would keep you up and running.

Digestive discomfort

Consuming all that fiber-rich diet in your plan at first may give you headaches, nausea if your digestion is not keeping up. Irritable bowel syndrome may make you uneasy at first but to help yourself with that, sip on herbal teas to stimulate your digestion further. You can have cinnamon tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea to fit your taste.

Choose weekends for a good start

Since nausea and headaches are likely to follow on first few days of your detox, make sure you plan to start it around the Friday or weekend, so that you can handle bad days during a weekend and you do not have to compromise your work time for this. It will take not more than two days for your body to adjust to the detox diet and resuming from Monday you will be back to feeling normal yet again.

Bust some stress

A little stress is likely to follow you around when you choose detox. More stress means an invitation to sugar cravings. You can take your mind off those with deep breathing techniques,

Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique, mindful meditation, or yoga. This way you will not only be detoxing at a physical level but on a mental and emotional level too. Stress invites a buildup of more toxins. Choose to let go of all that with a stress-free mind.

Conscious and mindful eating

You must be aware of the principle of eating less but eating right. Yes, that is the way to ensure healthy digestion. Bowel disturbances will not happen if you eat to only satisfy yourself, but not stuff yourself with what you eat. The same goes for any detox diet meals. Do not overdo your meals to the point you feel like throwing up. Be mindful and conscious of how much you eat of what you have chosen to eat.

detox diet plan info graphic

Foods to avoid

Avoid in all cases meats and dairy for they are loaded more with the saturated fat. While you are on a detox, you may completely want to avoid consuming saturated fats. Avoid any intake of refined sugar, added sugar, processed foods, packaged foods, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Your detox will all go in vain if you fail to exclude this from your diet regime.

Do not skip meals

A detox diet does not entertain the idea of skipping meals at all. While one may think it will only promote weight loss, the truth is just the opposite. Skipping meals means more acid in your belly, meaning more food cravings, and upset stomach. This is the reason why the idea of eating less over shorter and regular periods is more encouraging.


As I said, stress-free mind boosts your detoxification. Therefore, plan to sleep before 10 p.m. and make sure you get at least 8 hours of that beauty sleep.


NOTE – Before you start with any detox diet plan, make sure you consult with your physician or health expert for any known or relevant health conditions. Detox diets are not for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with other health issues. These are certainly not for teenagers or people with addiction disorders for this may introduce them to certain eating disorders during their sensitive phase.


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