Detox Diet – Pros & Cons

detox diet pros and cons

As fancy as a detox diet may sound to an individual, it does not always live up to its hype contributing to specific controversies and risks. Now, you may find different types of detox diet plans lurking over the internet, in newspapers and in guides, which may or may not work for you. The pros and cons associated with these cannot be overlooked.

The trend of detox diets has caught up like a raging fire, amounting to a way of healthy and conscious living. Detox diets are specifically taken up to get rid of all the body waste and toxins accumulated over time by including as well as eliminating certain types of foods.

You can plan to follow a detox diet for a weekend or a week as it fits your lifestyle. The plans followed mostly during a leisurely time, do a thorough detox of the body organs such as kidneys, liver and digestive system without clashing with one’s work or social routine.

A normal healthy detox can be carried out for at least seven days since our bodies are not wired to take more than that. Unhealthy skin and a breakout is a clear-cut sign that one needs to introduce detox into their lifestyle.

Detox is said to work wonders when it comes to Crohn’s Disease, Celiac disease and removing all that residual leftover from heavy medications.

Detox diet pros

These said detox diets have thrived to be a trend among people for encouraging reasons promoting health and well being.

Kidney & Liver Function

A well-planned detox diet promotes the healthier function of liver and kidneys by flushing out all those unwanted fats and toxins. Healthy detox diet includes lots of fresh water, juices, raw foods (sprouts, beans, legumes, and cruciferous veg.), anti-oxidant rich fruits, herbal detox teas, etc. Also, you have to exclude refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine,

Regain palate taste

All that treated and added sugar to our meals over the time desensitizes our taste buds leading to a pattern that wants us to have junk on more sugar and processed foods. This lifestyle choice has made us forget what natural sugar (in fruits and veg.) tastes like.

Once you cut down on artificial sweeteners and added sugar to your eating choices, your taste buds are restored to normal where you can enjoy naturally sweet foods with just as much pleasure.

Eating patterns

When you choose to stick to a diet plan with a set time, you will notice that you have also lost your random food cravings where your urge to respond to emotional, physical and psychological triggers for food disappear. Your need of adopting diet as your comfort option will fade away with time.

Conscious Living

Adopting a detox plan means being more mindful of your body and its needs further establishing a spiritual connection with your body that will not only vitalize and reenergize you but will also act as a stress buster. People combine such dieting plans with meditation and yoga practices for increased energy and mind & spirit well being.

Aids weight loss

Detox diets, when combined with ample amount of exercises and yoga, also aid weight loss leaving you to feel rejuvenated, active and light. During detox, our intake of nutrients and vitamins is increased much more when we cut down on unhealthy dietary practices that boost our weight loss.

Changes in lifestyle

If carried on with proper research, health experts’ advice and adequate set periods, this practice can be adapted to a permanent lifestyle change.

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Detox diet cons

Any practice, when taken to the extreme, can be fatal or prove disastrous if not performed with mindfulness. Detox diets come with their cons due to its limited examples in medical practices.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Where a typical detox diet helps one rejuvenate and detoxify their body, an overdone meal plan may lead to nutrient deficiencies in the body accounting for decreased energy, nausea, and fatigue. These diets sometimes exclude healthy fats and necessary proteins and carbs from the routine, which may further weaken our immune system.

Disturbed Bowel Movement

Introduction of high fiber diet in detox (which is recommended) may often lead to a frequent bowel movement, bloating, gas and gastrointestinal disturbances. People often think this as usual since their body is flushing out toxins. But if this continues for an extended period, then it may prove unhealthy.

Not for everyone

Detox diets are not for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with other health issues. These are probably not recommended for teenagers or people with addiction disorders for this may introduce them to specific eating disorders during their sensitive phase.

Short-term weight loss

The weight loss achieved with detox diets are rather short-term as only excess water and glycogens (stored fat) are flushed out of body system. If one goes back to usual dietary habits, the weight restores to its previous form. Along with diets, regular physical exercises are also mandatory.

NOTE: Do not put your body through the extreme workout as your body is depending on limited diet and energy reservoirs during that time. If done so, your metabolism would slow down due to a drop in blood sugar leading you to crash down and loose essential muscle mass.

Increased cravings

A psychological outcome of a body on a more extended detox leads to more cravings for unhealthy stuff since earlier we had been used to consume foods which only sufficed our taste buds.


Everything, when done in balance, gives you incredible benefits. Our body is naturally designed to cleanse itself in digestive tract, liver, and kidneys. But because of recent unhealthy choices adopted in our lifestyles, a well-planned detox diet sure comes handy.

If you think detox diets are not working for you, then choose to listen to your body and instincts. It is always telling you what is best for you. Also, do consult with your doctor before embarking upon such plans. Meditate and Exercise well along with these diets as the famous Tibetan saying goes, Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.

A psychologist by profession, she loves to venture into self-exploration, holistic healing, and spirituality. Other than being mesmerised by superheroes and metaphysics, contemplating on life and its depth is what keeps her in high spirits.