Detox Drinks – How Do They help? 5 homemade drinks that help in body detox

Detox drinks are something that you need when you are exhausted, especially after work. It happens many times that you feel running out of energy. What we prefer to do when we want to boost up is to have some sugary drink. Yes, it will increase the glucose content you need, but it will harm you more, rather than getting you a body detox. So when you need to boost yourself up, have a detox drink instead. Detox drinks can help cleanse your liver, boost your energy, improve digestion and increase the glow of your skin.

To boost yourself up you need to be little conscious of your health. You don’t need to visit any physician or so to know why are you feeling tired and lethargic so much after your work.


Make it a habit to have a detox drink every day, and you will see the result in your mood.

You don’t need to know any rocket science for making detox drinks.

All you need is basic ingredients which you have in your kitchen like fruits, lemon water and some herbs and believe me, you are going to enjoy it like any of your favourite drink.

Why should you consume detox drinks?

All of us come across a lot of harmful things in our everyday life. While we move out, we inhale many pollutants, ingest harmful chemicals, pesticides and what not. You must be thinking we have never done so but let me tell you these things happen without coming to our notice, and we just cannot restrain it.

Such things get accumulated in tissues of our body and with time can become toxic. So all we need to do is to wash them out from the body. This can be done by detox drinks which clear the toxic product and help maintain the health of tissues. (1)

Signs that the body needs detoxification

It’s like any other thing that if we don’t remove the harmful substance from the body, they will start producing adverse effects on the body. So to promote our health, we need to get detoxicated. Here are some toxicity symptoms you need to know to protect yourself from them and how detox drinks can help you.

What do detox drinks do?

Detox drink can be a real miracle for you. All you need to do is make it a habit to have it every day. Here are the benefits you need to know about detox drinks.

Detox drinks infographic

Weight loss

Detox drink is naturally known to boost up your metabolism. Thus helps you lose weight easily. Although not a lot of change is visible, it does bring a difference to your body weight. Here are some fruits, extracts & drinks you can include in your detox drink to help you lose weight:

  • Lemon: It contains pectin fibre which enables you to feel satiated easily. This will reduce your food cravings thus restricting your diet and helping you lose some extra weight
  • Raspberries: It is rich in ketones which according to experts helps you to prevent weight gain. It is also rich in Vitamin B and C that is good for skin
  • Apple cider vinegar: It contains citric acid which enhances the metabolism of the body and thus helpful in reducing weight
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Although it has some side effects related to liver, restlessness, etc. It can be used as a detox drink along with cumin seeds (soaked for a night) and mixing it with a glass of water the next day.

Help in digestion

Detox drinks help you boost your metabolism thus enhances digestive capacity. It makes your liver healthy thus aiding in easy detoxification. (2)

The ingredients of detox drink help you clear the harmful components from the tissues and enhance the activity of digestive juices. You can add cucumber to your drinking water for the benefit. It contains diuretics which increases the urination and washes off toxins.

Reduces inflammation

Detox drinks help to remove free radicals from the body which are a potential cause of inflammation and thereby reduces inflammatory reaction.

You can use ginger and watermelon in your drink because both the ingredients are helpful in preventing free radical damage. They are also rich in multiple vitamins like A and C so maintains the health of your skin too. (3)

Improves skin health

Detox drinks improve anti-inflammation and detoxification thereby makes your skin healthy. It prevents the sign of ageing and acne on your skin.

Many fruits are used to make detox drinks like lemon, raspberries, grapefruit, watermelon, all of these are rich in vitamin C which is good for skin health. The environmental pollutants get deposited on our skin and make it dull and aged. But the detox drink is a real miracle for preventing these signs. (4)

Enhances energy level

When we consume detox drinks, our body gets free from all the harmful substances present inside. This makes us euphoric and lightens up our mood. And thus we feel boosted with lots of energy. (5)

Liver health

The liver is that organ of our body which has a clearing and detoxifying action. But it’s cells also get toxified with time while clearing the blood. Hence detox drinks help to detoxify the cells of the liver and make it healthy.

Secret ingredients to make your drink magical

  • Watermelon: It is a watery fruit with lots of benefits. It hydrates your body and adds a sugary taste to your drink. But it has fewer calories and is rich in vitamins A and C. It also has a property to fight against free radical damage thus protects against cancer and inflammation. The vitamins help in ensuring good health of your skin. It also contains lycopene which is an excellent antioxidant and prevents the body from chronic diseases. (6)
  • Lemon: It contains ascorbic acid which helps in detoxification and aids in digestion. It rejuvenates the skin and increases the glow. It also contains fibre pectin that makes you feel satiated and decreases your food cravings. This way lemon not only cleanses your body cells but also maintains the health of your skin. (7)
  • Cucumber: They also help to fight against free radicals to prevent inflammation. They contain polyphenol compounds which have an anti-ageing property. Also, they are diuretics in nature that enhances urine out and thus detoxifies the liver and other body cells. (8)
  • Grapefruit: According to a study this fruit has been proved to help in weight loss. It contains an enzyme AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). This enzymes come into action at the time of exercise and encourages the body to utilise stored sugar and fats for deriving energy. Thus reducing the sugar and fat storage and helping to lose weight. (9)
  • Raspberries: They contains ketones which are responsible for reducing the fat stores and thus aids in weight loss. Apart from this they also help in the rejuvenating skin due to vitamins B and C present in it. (10)
  • Ginger: It contains a substance gingerol which is responsible for its health benefits. It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It is known to be very helpful for nausea and detoxification. Also helps in gastrointestinal diseases like constipation, bloating and many more. (11)
  • Mint: It is an antimicrobial agent, helps to support good oral health. It enhances the flow of bile to the stomach and thus aids in metabolism. It is known to have antioxidant property as well, and that is why you should use it in your detox drink as much as you can. (12)

 Some other ingredients for detox drinks:

  • Dandelion
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Aloe vera
  • Rosemary

5 Amazing detox drinks to boost you up

1. Watermelon and cinnamon drink

Watermelon is a refreshing and hydrating fruit that protects you against inflammation, and the vitamin content rejuvenates your skin.

All you need to do is take half a gallon of water and add one bowl of sliced watermelon in it with two cinnamon sticks. Leave it for 2 hours and then enjoy your detox drink. You will feel it boosting you up and rejuvenating your skin too.

2. Cucumber lemon delight

This drink is going to help you in so many ways that you would have ever imagined. Cucumber is the ingredient which has amazing diuretic property to detoxify your body. While lemon is going to help you lose your weight with the help of pectin and nourishes your skin too. Take 2 litres of water and add cucumber and lemon slices in it and leave overnight. Next morning, have your drink and make your skin glow.

3. Raspberry and mint detox drink

Raspberry is one of my favourite fruit, and it works magically. This will detoxify your tissues and will help you lose weight too by a fat burning process. On the other hand, mint is going to give you a fresh breath and rejuvenates your skin as well. Take 4 cups of pure water and add some raspberries in it. Also, add six mint leaves. Now leave it for some time and enjoy the boost.

4. Orange and blueberry water

Orange is not sweet, but they have an immense amount of vitamin C which helps you fight inflammation and acts as an antioxidant. Oranges also prevent premature ageing.

While berries are going to add a little freshness to your drink on a hot summer day and will make you feel light all round the clock. Take one litre of pure water and add slices orange and some blueberries in it.

5. Ginger and apple cider vinegar detox water

Ginger is an excellent ingredient to add up in your drink. It will help you fight against common cold and also has anti-inflammatory property. While apple cider vinegar is also gaining popularity nowadays due to its natural detoxifying property. To prepare this drink, add three peeled roots of ginger and six drops of apple cider vinegar to a bottle of water and use it after 10 minutes.


These are all the secrets about detox drinks. Now I think you can surely include it in your routine and get refreshed every day without getting tired.

Final thoughts on detox drinks benefits

Detox drinks are no less than a magical delight. They contain various ingredients, vitamins and compounds with lots of rejuvenation and such properties to help you get your body detox. You can make it according to your choice and taste.

Add all those ingredients you love such as watermelon, raspberries, lemon water, cinnamon, etc. and make a tasty drink. A good detox drink stimulates your energy level, helps you fight against inflammatory conditions, rejuvenates your skin, helps you lose weight and also prevents you from chronic diseases. It works by detoxifying all the harmful elements from your body.


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