What is Dick Wolf’s Net Worth?

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The American producer, writer and the creator of the famous TV series ‘Law and Order’ has an estimated net worth of $350 million. He is said to earn $70 million annually.

Early Life

Dick was born on December 20, 1946 in New York. He completed his graduation in the University of Pennsylvania.


His father was an advertising executive and Dick began his career as an advertising copywriter for a company called ‘Benton & Bowles’.

He made commercials and slogans for many companies. He always wanted to write screenplays and make it big in the film industry.

Wolf moved to LA and made many hit series. His favorite genre is crime and suspense. He has been married thrice and has 5 children.

Earnings included in Dick Wolf Net Worth

His TV Career as a Producer, Writer, and Creator

He was quite lucky as a writer as he met Oliver stone who was struggling. Dick Wolf lent him a helping hand and also got 3 of his screenplays produced in the bargain.

  • Masquerade was considered to be a success of the three
  • ‘Hill street blues’ a television series also hired him as a staff writer
  • Wolfe is also the creator of the show ‘Crime & Punishment’
  • His most famous creation is the series ‘Law and Order’ which aired for 20 seasons from 1990 until 2010. Even though the show has ended, the producer will still be making money as the show is rerun on Television
  • He also co-wrote the movie ‘Skateboard’ in 1977

His other works are:

  • Nasty Boys
  • Gideon Oliver
  • South Beach
  • The Invisible Man
  • Family Guy and many more

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His on-going works as of 2017 are:

  • Inside the FBI: New York
  • Criminal Confessions

Dick Wolf is one of the richest producers at present and has produced many movies and series such as:

  • His first role as a supervising producer was for the show ‘Miami Vice’
  • He produced a documentary on the Twin Towers on America in 2003
  • No Man’s Land
  • School ties
  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Medical


  • Dick Wolf owns a beautiful estate in Seal Harbor, Maine USA
  • He also owns a home in Santa Barbara in California, USA

Vehicle collection

  • He owns a Lexus, one of the most expensive cars
  • He travels in private jets


He is also the author of books that have been bestsellers:

  • The Intercept published in 2012
  • The Execution in 2014
  • In 2015, he came up with The Ultimatum

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Social Work

  • Dick Wolf is an environmentalist and has a deep love for nature. He is a very active person involved in campaigns that promote the view of ‘A green world’.
  • He also supports animal rights.
  • Wolf has worked very hard to help raise funds that benefit the military people and their families.
  • He also donated towards Penn’s Wolf Humanities Center.


He is one of the writers with a vision and true suspense to his stories.

Wolf has many projects under his sleeve that we hope will soon be unveiled to us.


Naturally, Dick Wolf’s Net Worth will increase with earnings from the upcoming projects such as the F.B.I (TV Series).

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