4 Online Digital Marketing Channels for Humanising Your Brand

“Digital marketing”.

I’m not going to lie; I actually looked up the term before writing this post.

You may want to toss eggs or rotten produce at me, believing I am some kind of digital marketing fraud. Alas, I am not.


I have been digital marketing for almost a decade but saw so many dry, boring, complex definitions of the term that I was confused as to what DM really is? It turns out; digital marketing is simply a marketing message conveyed via electronic devices.

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Today we will focus on online marketing channels.

I have built a thriving blog over at Blogging From Paradise. I became a full time, pro blogging, island hopping best-selling Amazon author using 4 clear and distinct online digital marketing channels.

But the channels themselves did not bring me success; *how* I used each stream helped me to help people, which allowed me to live a dream life of travelling to places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand for months at a time.

So many aspiring digital marketers follow the cyber herd like sheeple. They mean well but come off as robots. Robots rarely succeed in the digital marketing realm because you want someone real, authentic and human behind the tutorials, posts and products in the digital marketing niche.

I am not a robot. I have a heart and I bleed. - Serena WilliamsClick To Tweet

All of my online success flowed out of the fact that I chose 4 prime digital marketing channels that I used to humanise my brand. For my readers to know, like and trust me I had to go from being words on a screen to be a real human being who could feel their struggles, ease their pains and solve their problems with my blogging solutions.

If you mindfully work these channels to provide value, to make deeper emotional connections and to add a human element to your digital marketing campaign you can have stunning success in your niche of choice.

1.  Blogging

Blogging - Digital Marketing Channel for Humanising Brand

I am heavily biased.

But I believe blogging is hands down the most powerful, dyed in the wool, superstar player in the digital marketing game.

Sure, I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I owe my blogging career major league props for affording me my dream life. Yet the very concept of blogging makes this platform the ultimate digital marketing tool for humanising your brand.


You can sell, share or promote virtually anything online through a self-hosted WordPress blog.

From videos to podcasts, to services, to courses, to eBooks and audiobooks to blog posts and beyond, I have shared or sold each through my blog.

Blogs are one stop shopping for interested customers and content central for interested readers.

It takes not a Rhodes Scholar to see that sharing oodles of authentic, helpful content through in-demand social channels humanises your online brand and miraculously augments your digital marketing campaign.

Buy your domain and hosting. Set up a WordPress.org blog. Share helpful content. Guest post on top blogs from your niche. Comment on top blogs from your niche.

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Nothing helps you stand out from the voiceless, bland crowd and makes you seem more human than running a helpful, branded, genuine blog.

2.  Video Marketing

Video Marketing - Digital Marketing Channel for Humanising BrandVideo Marketing - Digital Marketing Channel for Humanising Brand

I confess; I am a Facebook Live video addict.

A few short months ago I dove into Live videos headfirst.

A few months later I have recorded a Live video every day on the platform.

Viewers have let me know how seeing my live videos helped them to get to know me better.

Makes perfect sense because seeing a human being on video sharing their thoughts and displaying their personality makes the individual and their brand feel more human to you.

Be a talking head. Record videos on Facebook via the Live video feature. Record and upload videos to YouTube.

Video marketing is the wave of the present and future because online users need more tangible proof that you are real, authentic and genuine. No better way to fulfil that Holy Trinity of proof by churning out helpful, problem-solving videos on a regular basis through a collection of online platforms.

3.  Podcasting

Podcasting - Digital Marketing Channel for Humanising Brand

What sounds more human than a human voice, right?

When I started podcasting a while back one of my first loyal listeners bought all of my blogging tips themed eBooks.

That’s a lotta ebooks! Considering I wrote and self-published 126 of those bad boys.

Podcasting adds an authentic footprint to your digital marketing campaign. You go from being words on a screen to being a living, breathing human being with a real voice. If you want to make your brand seem more human add podcasting to your marketing arsenal today.

As with all marketing channels, solve problems, help people, stay on topic and establish a 2-way street by listening to listener feedback.

4.  Social Media Marketing

Social Media - Digital Marketing Channel for Humanising Brand

Social media marketing works so well for making your brand human if you don’t forget the word “social”.

I field hundreds of questions on sites like Quora which see social as a broadcasting channel. Publish update. Get traffic. Nope; social does not work that way.

This digital marketing platform is about Liking updates, responding to retweeters, asking questions and answering questions.

Think of social media marketing like a 2-way street. If you give, you get.


If you regularly engage on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus folks will see you as a living, breathing human being which makes your brand that much more likeable and trustworthy.

Your Turn

What online digital marketing channels can you add to this list?

Do not forget to share this blog on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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