different types of web hosting

6 Different Types of Web Hosting Services that are Popular in 2019

Different types of web hosting services exist with several web hosting plans. The most popular web hosting servers are shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud, reseller and collocated. These choices could be overwhelming for anyone.
Reseller Web Hosting or white label hosting

Reseller Web Hosting – Everything that You Should Know

Reseller web hosting, also known as white label hosting, could be the most convenient option where you could sell web hosting plan on behalf of a third-party company. You can either rent a dedicated server or reseller shared hosting services. Please note that this is not a typical web hosting plan.
what is collocated hosting plan

What is Collocated Hosting? Know Advantages and Disadvantages

Collocated hosting is a web hosting service where you are the owner of the web server. You just rent the space in somebody’s data center or rack to place your server and utilize their bandwidth & IP address. It's your responsibility to manage hardware and software of this server.
what is cloud hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? Basics, Advantages & Disadvantages

Cloud hosting is service which provides hosting of web or applications on virtual machines or virtual servers where all the virtual servers run on the cloud with the underlying network of physical web servers.
What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting? Basics, Advantages & Disadvantages

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a service provided by web hosting providers to host different websites on their dedicated virtual machines, which run on a single physical server grade machine. VPS hosting brings in best of both worlds of shared and dedicated hosting.
What is Shared hosting

What is Shared Hosting? Know Basics, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Shared hosting allows several websites to reside and utilize single web server. Each website will have its limited resource, and overall the web server resource will be divided among all these sites. This plan may go well with small websites with less traffic.

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