Know How to Disable JavaScript in Safari for iPhone & iPod Touch

If you are an iPhone or iPod touch owner, then you must have faced situation where you wanted to disable JavaScript while you use Safari. Reasons could be many such as development or web vulnerability issues. JavaScript, a uniform, cross-platform, scripting language is frequently used in web browsers to build interactive applications for dynamic web pages.

Why would you want to disable JavaScript in Safari?

However, some people may publish websites that use the JavaScript malevolently. It can present compatibility concerns and leave your system vulnerable to security issues. And hence, for your data security, you may wish to disable it. if you are a developer then you may require to enable and disable Javascript in Safari to check development issues with a particular web application or website.


 Consequences of disabling JavaScript in Safari

Although once disabled, the content or usability of some web pages may become limited and they might give you a downgraded experience, but that shall be the price paid for safeguarding your internet security.

JavaScript also uses a lot of machine resource, and by turning it off on browser like Safari, the memory and CPU utilisation could be increased by manifolds.

It also helps Safari to load web pages faster since no compiling or interpretation of JavaScript is done.

Steps to Disable JavaScript in Safari for the iPhone and iPod Touch

It takes just a few simple steps to disable JavaScript on your iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Go to the Settings icon, usually present on the top of the iOS home screen.
  2. The Settings menu will be displayed. In it, scroll down till you come across an option titled Safari. Click on it once.
  3. Safari’s Settings screen will show you three options as Website Data, JavaScript and Web Inspector. JavaScript option is by default enabled.
  4. Toggle the adjoining button to turn it from green to white.

With this, you will have disabled JavaScript on your iPhone or iPod and if you wish to enable it again, just select the same button to slide it back to green.


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