The Self-Proclaimed Mogul: DJ Khaled Net Worth

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A self-proclaimed mogul – He is a rapper, a DJ, a record label executive, record producer and a radio host, DJ Khaled has a total net worth of $40 million. He recent earnings have peaked around $15 million a year.

Early Life

Khaled Bin Abdul AKA DJ Khaled was born on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans. He started his career from radio shows to the industry. Khaled is one of the most wanted DJ’s currently giving the public, perfect collaborations and fantastic music. He is married to Nicole Tuck and has a son named Asahd who is no less a millionaire himself.

Earnings included in his total net worth

His career in the music industry

  • His debut was on a radio show in 1990 called ‘The Luke show’ hosted by Luther Campbell
  • In 2003, the DJ introduced his radio show while making his way into the music industry
  • In 2006, his first album titled ‘Listen… The Album’ released hitting #12 on Billboards selling more than 230,000 copies worldwide and earning him around $235,000
  • He released his second album in 2007 that was titled ‘We the Best’ that featured not only him but famous artists like Lil Wayne, Akon, T-Pain and more. This single was his first real big success and cashed in half a million into his bank account
  • He released his third album released in 2008 called ‘We Global’
  • DJ Khaled released albums titled ‘I changed a lot’, ‘Victory’ and ‘Kiss the Ring’ earning him around $400,000
  • One of his most well-known songs is in collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Rick Ross called ‘All I Do is Win’
  • He also released one of his most famous singles ‘I’m The One’ featuring Justin Bieber, Chance the rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo’. The single was a worldwide hit as the song stuck in so many minds. The song made it way up to the #1 spot
  • His latest single is ‘Wild Thoughts’ featuring Rihanna and Bryson. It topped many charts and became hit in many countries
  • His tours have cashed in around $10 – $15 million


  • DJ Khaled recently bought a home in Beverly Hills, California from Robbie Williams (also a famous singer) for around $9.9 million. The 11,000 square feet home has seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms
  • The music producer purchased a home in Miami, Florida which is worth $3.84 million. The 6,600 square feet home consists of six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, pool and a private dock
  • He also owns another home in Sunny Isles Beach worth $6 million which boasts of amenities like Swimming pool, a beautiful view and a Jacuzzi

Vehicle collection

DJ Khaled loves cars and has a wide variety of them in his garage.

  • Rolls Royce worth $70,000
  • Dawn Convertible
  • Arabian Blue Wraith coupe
  • Phantom VIII
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ghost Sedan
  • Range Rover

Endorsements and ventures

  • In 2009, Khaled took the place of President of ‘Def Jam’ South Record Label.
  • He is the founder and CEO of ‘We the Best Music’
  • His social media endorsements earn him tons of money. Apple’s Beat Electronics pays him $50,000 per post to endorse their product on Instagram and Snapchat
  • He signed a deal with ‘Cash money’ and ‘Warner Brothers’ in 2010 and earned $1.5 million
  • He produced five albums with ‘Cash money’ for an income of $2 million
  • He signed a deal with Weight Watches worth $2 million

DJ Khaled has promoted and endorsed several brands. Some of which are:

  • Bang & Olufsen Headphones
  • Fingalicking
  • 22 Days Nutrition
  • Diamond Supply company
  • Ciroc Apple Liquor
  • He has also endorsed Belaire Rose


  • The DJ also published a book called ‘The Keys’ in 2016

Social Work

  • DJ Khaled collaborated with AIDS charity ‘RED’ for a prize of getting to ride a Jet Ski with him. The award will be given to the winner who can be anyone who donates money towards the charity no matter how little the amount
  • Khaled also made an initiative with the fashion social media platform ‘Poshmark’ to sell clothes from his wardrobe, the proceeds of which will go towards Charity
  • Khaled also donated $25,000 toward the Hurricane Harvey relief fund

Charities and foundation that Khaled supports are:

  • RED
  • Global Fund
  • Foundation


DJ Khaled’s net worth has surged from just $3 million to a staggering $40 million. He is only at the start of his career and is expected to make more hit songs and undoubtedly a lot of money.

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