Why Should You not Post your Kid’s Picture on Social Media?

do not post your kids image on social media facebook

I am the proud father of three years old son, and he is the prized possession of my life. I am sure every parent feels the same way as I do. The childhood of your cute little ones is evanescent, and it’s probably a good idea to capture every moment to cherish later.

But then what? Post your kid’s picture on social media such as Facebook or any other social media platform!

Certainly not!

You may ask, why not? Who does not want return love for their kids from people whom they know?

I have no personal grudge with Facebook or any other social media platform. But I just don’t just feel right on Facebook when I go through incalculable posts, pages and groups suggesting things which in a way or other never made any sense to me.

Even a sensible person end up spending unnecessary time on social media platform which otherwise he or she could have devoted to things which are imperative.

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We probably see this world through the lens of social media camera. But who is accountable of the viability of the information?

No-one! This is insane.

Is it only you and me, full grown adults, who are exposed to the lunacy of social media platforms or is there someone else who is gullible getting trapped? No, unless you are not a parent.

Let’s see why you should not post your kid’s picture on any social media platform.

You are not sure about your group

Do you know who all are following you on social media? At least, I am not certain. I have almost tried hundred times to trim my friend or follower list, but I hardly succeeded. You know why? The list is massive. It is not possible now.

do not post your kids picture on social media or facebook

Are you sure to throw your cute kid’s bath tub, half naked picture within your group whom you hardly know? I am not telling you if there is certainty of attracting a paedophile attention towards your baby or inviting some stalker to abduct your child for various reasons.

So, why share your precious baby’s pic with even one unknown person?

Your kid’s privacy will be no privacy when they are adult

Your kids will grow into adults and will encounter a lot of relationships. Do you want your children to be type cased into something which in reality they have outshined with the passage of time?

Shortly, your child may hold you responsible for breaching in their private space. Now I feel embarrassed to see myself naked in the picture which my parents have kept in a private photo album. Just imagine what would have been the situation if the same picture was published on Facebook?

kids blame parents for privacy breach

I do not even want to imagine!

There are many software, websites and social media platforms such as Facebook have developed the ability to profile you with the help of facial recognition. If you are regularly posting your baby pics on social media then, with the passage of time, it will build a detailed profile around your kid’s likings, interests, activities, etc.

Sometimes even your crazy videos and post with kids may question your parenting ability.  It is no more secret that top schools are nowadays scrutinising social media profiles before shortlisting a candidate for the interview.

As a parent, a few things can be kept within you. My son is a unique person, and I respect his anonymity and privacy.

Kids may not like to be manipulative

A plethora of studies have shown that people tend to share only positive sides on social media. A lot of people get depressed by comparing themselves with the lives of others which have no actual resemblance to real life.

Also, people chase more likes and comments on their post. It gives utmost satisfaction to receive attention on our published posts.

Then what we do to achieve above results? We manipulate. People deceive their kids as someone which they are not. Kids grow with a wrong impression on others. Eventually, your child may not feel right when they attain adolescence.


I am not paranoid, but I am aware of detrimental effects of posting your kid’s picture on social media. Everything has good and bad implications. Social media is no different.

I also don’t want to belittle those who go ahead and share their kid’s picture on social media. I admire their excitement and love towards their kid and sometimes wish I could be less edgy.

You are an adult and have full freedom to explore the social media space. But do not include your small kids into something which they are not aware.

Also, you do not want your children to hold you responsible for exposing their anonymity and personal space in the public forum.

How often you share your baby picture on social media? Do you think that after reading this article, you may dither over posting your kid’s image? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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