Do You Need a Box Spring for Mattress? Top Box Spring Alternatives

When it comes to your mattress, the correct support is essential. You will not be able to sleep well if your mattress is not getting proper support. Lousy support can lead to sagging of the mattress, and this can lead to pain. You need the right foundation for your mattress to avoid this pain. After all, the proper support for your bed will give the right support to your back. The mattresses these days have evolved from the innerspring ones that were available earlier. These provide much better support and last longer. But this also brings us to the most important question; do you need a box spring for your new mattress?

Well, the short answer to this question is no. The modern-day mattresses do not need box spring, but they do need a good foundation.

Read on to understand why box springs have become obsolete and the various alternatives that are available for your new mattress.


What is a box spring?

Box springs are wooden boxes that lift up your mattress and provide support. Box spring consists of a grid of metal wires that are attached to a wooden frame. Fabric usually covers this, and it also has a small layer of padding.

Spring box was used up till the early 2000s. But nowadays, manufacturers have sturdier and inflexible options for the newer mattresses.

What are the alternatives to box springs?

These days mostly sturdy inflexible boxes are used to support mattresses. These boxes are usually made up of wood or metal.

Mattress technology has evolved over the years. The newer mattresses do not need the shock absorption that was needed earlier. In fact, latex and memory foam mattresses are heavier than the older mattresses and need a sturdier base than box springs.

Here are some of the modern platforms used these days:

Wood Foundation

Wood foundation is also known as wood slat or KD foundation. It is made up of a wooden frame which is covered by fabric and has a light padding. It provides a sturdy platform for the bed.

You can also add bed legs to this foundation, and this will provide some extra storage space in the bedroom. Also, make sure that the gap between the wooden slats is not more than three inches as this can lead to sagging.

Platform beds

Platform beds are one of the most aesthetically pleasing alternatives to box springs. They are made up of wood and do not have any fabric covering them.

The platform beds are a combination of a bed and a foundation; they come with headboard and legs and raise the bed by 15 inches. They use slats to support the foundation.

Though platform beds are more expensive than box springs, they are better in the long term as they do not break down like box springs.

Adjustable foundations

You can move the head or the foot of the adjustable foundation with the help of a remote control. These kinds of beds were first used in hospitals to adjust the positions of patients for their added comfort.

This type of foundation is an excellent option for people who snore or those suffering from sleep apnea. If you often find yourself adjusting pillows so that you can read you’re your book or watch TV comfortably, then this is the perfect option for you. Though it is a relatively more expensive option as compared to the others, it is quite useful.

Why do we need a foundation for our mattresses?

A foundation provides a stable base for your mattress. It helps in the following ways:

  • It makes your mattress last longer by reducing wear and tear.
  • When placed on a foundation, a mattress does a better job of supporting you and thus provides more comfort.
  • A foundation lifts up the mattress and helps avoid the dust, allergens and the cold air near the floor.
  • A foundation lifts up the bed and makes it more pleasing to the eye.
  • The added height prevents small pets from jumping on the bed.
  • A bed frame provides a space between the floor and the bed, and this provides ventilation.
  • Many manufacturers require foundation as per their warranty. If you do not use the foundation, it can void the warranty.
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Final words on whether to go for box spring or not

Whether you want a foundation or not ultimately depends on you. Some people prefer to put their mattresses on the floor or a rug. This is fine if the warranty is not a consideration.


Bed foundations have numerous benefits including better support and better ventilation while you sleep. Nowadays there are several types of foundations that you can choose from.

Be it platform bed, foundation or adjustable foundations, they all have their own advantages. So, pick whichever is suitable for you and your home.


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