doe meaning and definition

The acronym is a part of an English dialect spoken mostly by teenagers today. A lot of people claim it to be a dumb way of speaking and fear that the language is in grave danger. DOE is the abbreviated term for the word Though.  It is really amusing to see how rapidly new words have been coming up and that too when we least expect them.

The abbreviation is popularly used in the form of comments, statuses and also has some context when used as hashtags, but it is not a very popular hashtag. The social media where it is commonly seen are WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Alternate meanings of DOE

  1. Department Of Education
  2. Depending On Experience
  3. Date Of Entry
  4. Department Of Engineering
  5. Direct Order Entry
  6. Daughter Of Eve
  7. Date Of Examination
  8. Defenders Of Earth
  9. Development Of Excellence
  10. Description Of Effect


You can write it as DOE or doe, but the form of expression changes drastically. We should not usually write it at the end of a sentence unless until it has a meaning. But when it comes to doe, the context changes completely.

The people who have been continually using this abbreviation as a form of their talking style tend to use this word at the end of almost every line. It started as a way to keep up with the trend which slowly and gradually became a habit.

The abbreviation is not a very common term we would use in our day to day lives while having a conversation. But the Doe users have their style of speaking words. It is also noticeable that when they want to exaggerate something, they will use this word as the means.

A pervasive example of this form of dialect can be noticed in the famous “Cash me ousside” girl. The line originally meant “Catch me outside, how about that” but when she says it, it sounds entirely different.


Example 1:

Person 1: she is hot man!

Person 2: ye man but she be havin different interests than me doe! :/