How to Activate Private or Incognito Mode in Dolphin Browser on iOS Devices?

dolphin private or incognito mode on iOS apple device

The ‘Private Mode’, ‘Private Browsing’ and ‘Incognito Mode’ are all synonyms for a feature that several web browsers provide to make your searches more secure and secret. Read on to know more about the Dolphin browser incognito mode on your iOS devices.

The Dolphin browser on iOS has many features that make it at par with other leading web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Keeping a log of your browsing history is one such feature. The Dolphin browser saves a list of all the web pages you go to while surfing the internet. It then suggests you keywords from it in your future searches and even speeds up its page loading process.

However, this may pose a risk to your online privacy as your searches are tracked and your keywords and passwords are saved. Hence, it is advised to either keep trashing your browsing history or simple enable private or incognito mode in Dolphin browser on your Apple device.

What’s the Private or Incognito Mode?

Also, there can be times when you don’t want your web searches to be recorded. Or times when you’re using someone else’s device or even when you just want to conduct an innocent web search for a surprise you want to give someone! In such cases, it can become very tedious and time-consuming to go through your browsing history and delete everything.

Otherwise, you can just switch on incognito mode in Dolphin browser, which is also called the Private mode. The private mode allows you to surf the web without storing the browsing data that could be retrieved later.

How to switch on the Private Mode in Dolphin browser on any iOS device?

  1. Launch Dolphin browser.
  2. Select the menu button, which is also represented as Dolphin at the bottom of the browser.
  3. When the submenu icons appear, select the one named Private Mode.
  4. You will get a pop screen for reconfirming private mode. Click OK.
  5. To reaffirm, select the menu button again and see if the Private Mode button has turned green or not.

How to disable Dolphin Private Mode?

  1. Do the above steps.
  2. Select the Private Mode icon a second time to deselect it.

Will I lose out on something while using the Private Mode in Dolphin?

Yes, sadly, you lose out on some of the features that would have otherwise been enabled on the Dolphin browser. Browser Add-Ons are disabled in Private Mode by default, and they need to be manually activated if you have a use for them. Also, there isn’t any sync maintained between the open tabs and browsing history across devices using the Dolphin browser.

It also doesn’t suggest you any keywords in your searches when the Private Mode is given a thumb’s up! However, it is undoubtedly an excellent option to choose sometimes when the need arises.

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