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Amazon’s strategy for everything has been nothing but phenomenal. From becoming the biggest hub for books to e-commerce to OTT Services, Amazon just doesn’t stop. Music is another market they have entered; you can now download music from for free, or by paying some amount to purchase, or through their Unlimited Music Subscription.

These Services have not yet started in many other countries such as India. But, now that Amazon Echo starts taking its place in the households, it won’t be too long that Amazon Music enters the Indian Market as well.

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However, in the US, it’s one of the many popular options to consider for Music, and it is growing to become a competitor of Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.

In this post, we will only concentrate on how to get free music downloads from

Step 1 – Login or Create an Account

First things first, you will need an Amazon account to do anything there. You will only get to browse the website and listen to the preview of any song without signing in.

And for the downloading for free part, Amazon has its own way of providing free stuff, such as music or books. They won’t give it for free. They would charge you Zero Dollars for it.

Step 2 – Browse the website for free music

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Once you’ve logged in, you should go the Digital Music department and then search for “Free”.

You will get a list of songs, albums, etc. that you can buy.

Free and Paid songs on Amazon

You can select from the list of songs that show $0.00 to purchase the song for free.

Step 3 – Add a local (US) card

Once you’ve selected the song you wanted to download, you will get an option to provide your card details if you don’t have any saved details already.

Here, you can use any Debit or Credit Card that has a billing address within the country. Or you get this notification:

Notification for Card:Billing Information on Amazon Music

Range of Songs Available

There are thousands of songs available on the platform. But, only less than 200 songs are available for free or in Zero Dollar to download from Amazon. Some of them being Saint Cecilia Album by Foo Fighters, Wildman by the Clayton Brothers,  what child is this by various artists, etc.

Buy Foo Fighters Song for free on

You can also filter the songs by various genres such as Alternative Rock, Blues, Children’s Music, Classic Rock, Country, Folk, Latin, R&B, Rap & Hip Hop, etc. Below is the list of all artists to find their free music:

List of Artists for free songs on Amazon

The range of bands & individuals is around one hundred. So, not really a great deal here as compared to many other websites in the same domains such as Jamendo, PureVolume, etc.

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