dp meaning

DP is the essential part of your social media world because it shows you. Like its said, a picture is worth everything, this is precisely the idea behind this acronym. DP is the abbreviated term for the phrase Display Picture. This particular acronym is what creates your social identity online. Your display picture is seen continuously and kept track of by everyone on your friend list.

The concept of the display picture is all over the virtual world. Even apps like True Caller and Emails have an option to put your display picture. It is like facial profiling. No one is out of sight from the Big Brother.

Alternate meanings of DP

  1. Dear Partner
  2. Donkey Punch
  3. Diamond Perl (Pokémon)
  4. Diploma Program
  5. Dynamic Positioning
  6. Director of Photography
  7. Democratic Party
  8. Death Penalty
  9. Data Protection
  10. Dominos Pizza


DP or dp are the ways you can write this acronym. There is no restriction on the cases. This abbreviation is not used in texting or as status or hashtag. It is a feature of the social media world. Your profile display picture helps people to identify you and get in touch with you. Also, the profile picture of a person provides you with an assurance that you are connected with the right person.

This abbreviation is quite similar to PP which is the abbreviated term for Profile Picture. PP was a concept brought by Facebook for their Display pictures. But everyone uses both the acronyms. And since both of them mean the same thing, it isn’t much of a deal either.

But there is a significant downside to its usage. With a good DP comes a lot of pressure. Today everyone is competing on who has a better dp and who has more likes on them. And to have a good dp, people are ready to go to any extent. This has led to a lot of people continually feel the need to look better for social acceptance.

Hollywood tv series star Kylie Jenner especially confessed to this fact on her show. To be socially desirable, she has created a different identity that she shows it to the world. And the constant need to look good in every selfie is very draining and affects you a lot emotionally.


Example 1:

Person 1: Your dp is lovely!! Where did you click it!

Person 2: It is from last year’s trip to Macau.

Example 2:

Person 1: Is your dp from your recent clicks?

Person 2: no, why?

Person 1: yeah, I thought so. You look so thin!

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