The Sprouse Brothers: Dylan and Cole Sprouse Net Worth


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The famous twins who have earned considerable attention and liking among teenagers, Dylan and Cole Sprouse net worth is estimated to be nearly $16 million. According to MSN, the heartthrob twin bros became the wealthiest teenage twin brothers in the year 2000. The Sprouse brothers also made it to the list of “New York Post’s Top 10 highest paid child actors” in the year 2010 in which they successfully earned the 4th position.


The brothers started off their career struggle as early as eight months of age. Their grandma was the one who had sown seeds for a bright career of the brothers. They began with baby commercials.

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It was followed by the 100-episode long Grace under Fire. A single episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody earned them a considerable amount of $ 20,000.

The Sprouse bros have made appearances in many TV series: That’s So Raven, Friends, According to Jim, The Wizards of Waverly, The Emperor’s New School, That 70’s Show, and Hannah Montana.

The Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody gave them a big break and proved to a silver lining to their entire career. The series gained amassing popularity and fame.

Zack Martin and Cody Martin, as they appeared in the series became a favourite of all age groups ranging from pre-teens to adults. The show was successful in earning them a place in the Disney Channel Circle of Stars.

Cars with Sprouse twins

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They are proud owners of a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Subaru Impreza.

Dylan, the Mead master:

Dylan Sprouse, the brewmaster is known to have transformed his dorm room into a miniature brewery, as reported by the New York Daily News. His hobby has turned out to be something significant that would help him scale new heights.  Dylan’s brewery is all about Mead, which is a honey-based bear.

His brewery will make a new beginning as he opens one at the William Vale Hotel by the name of All-Wise Meadery.

This is also going to be featured in a documentary series, “Mead in America”.

Sprouse Bros.

The successful duo owns their clothing line of celebrity clothing by the name, “Sprouse Bros.” The brothers interestingly used their pet dog, Bubba for marketing the brand.

The brand was in partnership with the Olsen Twins’ Dualstar Entertainment. The brand merchandise includes clothing lines, magazines, comics series, and more.

They discontinued the franchise in 2008, and consequentially only the clothing line was left. However, the clothing line was also discontinued by March 2011.

Fact File

  1. Adam Sandler is their favourite actor, and they attribute a lot of learning experience to him. Dylan calls Adam as “a role model in acting”
  2. Sprouse Arts is the site that Dylan launched in mid-2010 for his art.
  3. Cole Sprouse Photography is a site launched by Cole Sprouse for his photography in mid-2011
  4. The twins had walked away holding each other’s diplomas at New York University during the graduation ceremony

Award Gallery

Young Star Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Young Artist Awards, Kid’s Choice Awards, Popstar Magazine’s Poptastic Awards, Shorty Award, Teen Choice Awards.


The twins are currently enjoying their million-dollar luck and fortune that they have hard earned. Life has much more to offer, and they have a long way to go.

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