Amazon Kindle eBook Format – Features & Supported formats

Well, as it looks like – The eBook format for Kindle is specifically for all Kindle Devices that have come up since 2007. It’s called – AZW and (or) AZW3 and is also compatible with Smartphones and Tablets through the Kindle App.

Kindle has been in the market for a decade and the text format, shape, usability, etc. have gone through a series of product optimizations.


When you talk about the eBook formats, AZW format was the first to launch in 2007. Then, with fourth gen Kindles came the AZW3 or KF8. The current format for Kindle is KFX. This format allows you to a lot of cool stuff, but I must tell you, Kindle is only meant for reading purposes.

However, there are other formats such as the EPUB format that supports watching videos too!

On the other hand, there are various formats of text that Kindle can support. And, when power-packed with user-friendly features of playing with text, social networking, browsing catalogue of Amazon, Kindle eBook format becomes one of the best formats available to read your books in.

We will talk about the technical aspects of the eBook formats in later posts, for now, we will see the features that come up with the Kindle format and other formats that Kindle can take.

Other formats supported by Kindle

Below are the types of documents you can transfer to your device and read:

  • .txt or Word Documents
  • .pdf or Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • .azw3 (a little-enhanced version of MOBI)

However, PDF will not remain like it was, because the Kindle format is nothing but a MOBI format, packaged in a different way to support various products of Kindle Series.

Therefore, whatever file format you put in your Kindle, it ultimately converts into MOBI, and PDF and MOBI don’t get along together. On the other hand, a word document is easily convertible to MOBI.

Features of text on Kindle:

The variety of features to find on Kindle are amazing. They have been made with a clear user-intent in mind. You can do the following stuff on it with single touches!

Kindle Ebook Format Font Features

  • Highlight and Save Text
  • Increase or Decrease the Font Size
  • Resize or Reflow based on your device
  • Integrated Dictionary
  • Word search integrated with Wikipedia
  • The Kindle Devices also come with a Vocabulary Builder that saves the words you search

The above picture is a screenshot while I was reading Origin by Dan Brown on my Kindle. You can see the various options for Fonts, Pages, Progress, etc.


Sounds great? Hold on, there are formats like MOBI and EPUB which are even better and have a wider audience than that of Kindle.


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