Eli Manning Net Worth: Earnings from Football Career, Investments, Endorsements, etc.


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With a whopping net worth of $115 million, Eli Manning, the quarterback for the New York Giants in NFL is one of the highest football players in the US. He has been paid $18 million including a workout salary of $500,000 a year by New York Giants.

Early Life

Eli Manning was born on 3rd January 1981, in New Orleans. He developed a passion for football at a very young age, his dad being NFL quarterback Elisha Archibald.

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He has a graduate degree in marketing proving that he is an athlete with brains. Manning is also proficient in other sports such as basketball and baseball and even received the ‘Maxell award’ for all-rounder player in his college.

The star played college football for the University of Mississippi and was later scouted by San Diego Chargers in 2004 and later traded him to the New York Giants. He married his high school sweetheart Abby Mcgrew in 2008 and had three children.

Earnings that make Eli Manning Net worth

His Football Career

  • His career began in 2004 after being transferred to the New York Giants and has stuck with them for more than 12 years
  • He has been awarded the ‘Superbowl’s most valuable player’ twice in his career; He has also won awards for passing touchdowns etc.
  • Manning has a record for the most touchdowns and passes in the history of the New York Giants. (300 touchdowns)
  • In 2009, New York Giants extended his contract for six years for an amount of $97.5 million
  • In 2015, the quarterback signed another extension worth $84 million with the New York Giants
  • He has led his team to two Superbowl victories

Vehicle collection

The quarterback loves cars, and the worth of his collection is estimated to be $3.5 million.

  • He was gifted a 2008 Cadillac model of Escalade Hybrid
  • Corvette
  • Ferrari
  • Range Rover
  • Audi
  • Toyota

Endorsements and Ventures

  • The quarterback is one of the few sportspeople who makes the most amount of money from his endorsements. He earns around $10 million every year from his endorsement deals alone
  • He has endorsement deals with Toyota, Samsung and Reebok, etc.
  • Manning has appeared in a ‘Pampers’ ad with his daughter
  • The quarterback has also earned around $300,000 from his appearances on the news, talk shows and SNL.
  • Eli along with his brother Peyton Manning starred for Oreo and NFLshop.com
  • He is the spokesman for Citizen watches

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  • Manning owns many houses in Manhattan and his hometown New Orleans
  • He owns a Summit Home that he bought in 2014 for $4.7 million
  • He is the proud owner of Hoboken House at Hudson Bay which cost him $3.8 million. The 3,000 square feet home with three bedrooms in New Jersey is entirely controlled electronically by the mogul and his wife. The house is available for rent for a fee of $18,000 a month
  • He has recently spent $8.5 million buying a 7,000 square feet home in Hamptons. It is a 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool


  • He is the co-author of the book ‘Family Huddle’ alongside his father and brother. It was published in 2009. The book talks about their games as young children.

Social Work

  • Eli and his brother donated 14,000 kg of water, baby formula, pillows, blankets etc., towards the homeless people affected by Hurricane Katrina in his hometown
  • In 2010, he did a commercial and played a very strong role in spreading awareness about oil spills
  • He also donates money to build hospitals for young kids and other tools that may be needed for its maintenance and proper functioning
  • In 2007, Eli committed to raising $2.5 million towards the construction of Eli Manning Children’s clinic
  • He encouraged physical activity among all age groups to have a healthy life
  • He hosts a charity event known as ‘Guiding Eyes for the Blind Golf’s Classic’


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Eli Manning’s brother Peyton was also a well-known quarterback and ever since his retirement Eli’s worth has increased a little more. Eli Manning who was worth just $1 million in 2004 has a net worth of $115 million as of 2018. This number is expected to grow just like his career.

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