Everything You Should Know About Emergency Dental Clinic

Dental emergencies are one of the most crucial incidents that require immediate care and support. Usually, dental emergencies include a wide range of accidents that damage the teeth and surrounding tissues in the mouth leading to bleeding, infection, pain, and swelling.

Common dental emergencies include tooth fracture, lip bite, knocked out tooth, tooth abscess, jaw pain, and soft tissue trauma. One of the best ways to get immediate care in such situations is to visit an emergency dental clinic. Emergency dental clinics are equipped with trained dentists and staff that work quickly and efficiently to treat the problems. Moreover, they guide managing the symptoms before visiting the dental clinic.


Convenience and affordability are the two biggest factors that make emergency dental clinic beneficial in case of treating the traumatic dental injury. Today’s article will highlight the benefits of an emergency dental clinic. Furthermore, we will discuss the types of treatments offered at an emergency dental clinic.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a condition that usually involves injuries that damage the health of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Generally, dental emergencies occur due to traumatic accidents—many symptoms of dental emergencies ranging from pain and discomfort to severe bacterial and fungal infections. Some of the common types of dental emergencies include –

  • Fractured tooth
  • Chipped tooth (1)
  • Severe toothache
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Fractured or lost tooth filling
  • Broken braces
  • Loose brackets and wire
  • Tooth abscess
  • Soft tissue injury

Why is the treatment of emergency essential?

Usually, dental emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, which may create inconvenience for the patient to find an operating dental clinic. The emergency dental clinic is generally open to address such situations and provide relief to the patients.

A dental emergency usually involves damage to the tooth due to trauma or infections. Immediate care is essential for a dental emergency because a delay in the process will only complicate the condition. Moreover, it will worsen the symptoms of the patient. (2)

The emergency dental clinic is equipped with trained dental professionals who can provide immediate treatments for any dental emergency.

What are the benefits of visiting an emergency dental clinic?

A well-equipped emergency dental clinic can provide treatments effectively and efficiently, which may give instant results. Some of the mutual benefits of the emergency dental clinic include –

  • Quick results – usually, when you book an appointment with an emergency dentist, he guides you to manage the symptoms before visiting the clinic. Moreover, he makes all the preparations ready before the arrival of the patient. This way, the emergency dentist can address and treat the dental emergency quickly. (3)
  • Quality care – emergency dentists, are fully licensed and are up to date with the latest technologies that provide the utmost care to them. Moreover, emergency dentists are compassionate and dedicated to treating the dental emergencies effectively.
  • Convenience – emergency dental clinics are usually open six days a week with the well-trained dentist and staff to treat old or new emergency cases.
  • Affordable – emergency dental treatments are usually inexpensive and also covered by many dental insurance policies. Therefore, the patient has nothing to worry about when it comes to paying the dental expenses.

What treatments are performed in an emergency dental clinic?

Following are the wide range of treatments offered by the dentists at an emergency dental clinic

  • Treatment for a knocked-out tooth – if the patient can find the lost tooth and manages to bring it safely to the clinic, the dentist may disinfect it and proceed towards the reimplantation of the tooth. however, if the tooth is not viable or the patient could not find the lost tooth, the missing tooth spaces can be treated with replacement therapy such as a dental bridge, denture, and implants. (4)
  • Treatment for fractured teeth – usually depending on the fracture’s extent, the dentist can plan treatment using veneers, a dental crown, or even a composite tooth filling. Moreover, the dentist works towards restoring and providing a natural-looking smile.
  • Treatment of tooth infections – the emergency dentist usually assess the condition and plans treatment to remove the infection from the tooth space. Some medicines, like root canal therapy and dental extractions, are effective in treating extensive tooth abscess. Moreover, the dentist may prescribe antibiotics and analgesics to treat the infection properly. (5)

What is the cost of an emergency dental procedure?

Usually, the clinical examinations and preoperative preparations are free of service in most emergency dental clinics. However, the cost of treatment may vary depending on the type of condition. Usually, the treatment for tooth filling of front teeth may range from $700 – $900. Whereas treatment of back teeth significantly molars may cost more ranging between $1000 – $1500. Tooth extractions usually range from $200 – $600 per tooth with anesthesia.

Most medical and dental insurance policies provide partial or complete coverage of the cost of emergency dental treatment. You can also talk to the on-call dentist about the deductibles and co-pay that you might have to cover for the treatment.

Take away message

Dental emergencies are the most stressful and painful condition one encounters during a traumatic injury or infection outburst. Usually, dental emergencies involve damage to the health fo the tooth and the surrounding soft tissue.

Some common dental emergency conditions include tooth abscess, fracture of tooth, infections, knocked out tooth, and soft tissue injury. The best way to get relief is to visit an emergency dental clinic. The emergency dental clinic provides quality care with well-trained emergency dentists and staff.


Moreover, they are available during inconvenient times to address the patient’s needs and conditions. Some of the treatments the emergency dental clinic provides include pain relief, tooth filling, and extractions. Usually, insurance covers the cost of emergency dental care.


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