An Insight on Emergency Pediatric Dentist and Procedures

Dental emergencies are a critical time for both the kids and the parents. No parent wants their child to go through the pain and discomfort. However, they cannot ignore the accidents that happen with active kids. It is essential to know about the dental conditions that require immediate care. Some of the emergency pediatric dental conditions include toothaches, broken teeth, tooth abscess, and defective fillings.

In such situations, emergency dental care is imminent. While it may be challenging to get a quick appointment at a regular dentist, the emergency pediatric dentist can help to provide immediate dental care to your child. Typically, the emergency pediatric dentist performs dental procedures that include tooth removal, repair of knocked out teeth, replacement of missing tooth filling or broken fillings, and treating severe dental infections.


Today’s article will highlight the types of pediatric dental emergencies. Furthermore, we will discuss the duties of an emergency pediatric dentist.

What does an emergency pediatric dentist do?

An emergencypediatric dentist primarily serves to relieve a child’s pain in the tooth, gums, or any part of the mouth. Moreover, they also treat dental conditions that have the potential to become more complicated if not taken care of properly. Some of the conventional treatments performed by an emergency pediatric dentist include –

  • Repair of knocked out teeth
  • Treatment of decayed tooth that causes severe tooth pain
  • Removal of broken teeth (1)
  • Repair of broke tooth fillings and replacement of the missing crown
  • Planning further treatment for serious dental infections

When should you see an emergency pediatric dentist?

If you are not sure which dental conditions are considered as an emergency, you might want to go through the following list of pediatric dental emergencies –

Severe tooth pain

Toothaches are one of the common signs of dental issues in the mouth. Severe tooth pain can also lead to increased pressure in the ear and jaw. For temporary relief, you can apply a cold compress over the area of discomfort. Meanwhile, book your appointment with an emergency pediatric dentist. (2)

Fractured tooth

Tooth fracture is prevalent among active kids. Most of the kids suffer from broken teeth due to sports injuries or while playing in the playground. During such situations, it is essential to contact the nearest emergency pediatric dentist immediately. Moreover, collect as many broken tooth pieces as you can and take it to dental care.

Tooth abscess

One of the most painful and uncomfortable dental condition for a child is a tooth abscess. Typical symptoms of a tooth abscess include fever, swelling around the gums, and an unexplained bad taste in the mouth. In this situation, you must not delay and call the emergency dentist immediately.

Knocked out tooth

Knocked teeth come out of the socket and require immediate attention. The best way is to calm the child and retrieve the missing tooth. Gently clean the tooth under water and store it in a container of milk for young children. Call the dentist immediately and ask for more instructions. (3)

Broken or lost tooth fillings

Lost tooth fillings may not cause pain in some cases. However, they are a dental emergency. Usually, ignorance can cause reinfection of the tooth leading to more severe problems such as pulp infection and oral disease.


Toddlers often experience tooth sensitivity caused by a dental injury or a big cavity in the tooth surface. Overly sensitive teeth call for an emergency visit as the child may not be able to eat correctly.

Tooth decay

Usually, the milk teeth have pulp tissue closer to the occlusal surface. Tooth decay in children can often cause severe pain and discomfort, which calls for emergency dental care. (4)

Orthodontic injury

Most children undergo orthodontic treatment during their teenage years. Often children ignore dental health during this time that can lead to a broken bracket or wire. In other cases, poor oral hygiene can also lead to swelling around the gums.

Tooth displacement

 Tooth displacement can happen in the following forms –

  • Extrusion – tooth slightly comes out of the socket
  • Intrusion – the tooth is pushed down into the socket
  • Luxation – the tooth is displaced to one side

Such situations can create change in the bite. Moreover, it can cause extreme pain and discomfort to the child.

Dental concussion

Usually, teeth under concussion remain in the socket. However, they turn black or dark in color, which indicates infection in the pulp tissue. It is essential to get immediate care for dental concussion and prevent the tooth from permanent damage. (5)

Where to find an emergency pediatric dentist?

It is essential to contact the emergency pediatric dentist as soon as you encounter any dental emergency. Keep in mind to never delay the treatment as it can lead to the need for more extensive and invasive procedures.

You can look for pediatric dentists online according to your location. Another way to find a pediatric dentist is to contact your closest dental service and ask if they provide emergency pediatric dental services. (6)

How much does an emergency pediatric dentist cost?

The cost of an emergency pediatric dentist mainly depends on the type of treatment required to resolve the symptoms of the child. Moreover, it also depends on the type of insurance you have.

Most dental insurance accepts pediatric emergency treatments. However, you can always talk to your dentist and look for discount plans or special offers that can cut down the payment and reduce the financial burden off your pocket.

Take away message

Emergency dental situations are crucial, especially in the case of young children. Moreover, it is a distressing situation for the parents as well. Usually, emergency dental care is required during accidental injuries that occur with active children.


Some of the common dental emergencies in children include broken teeth, knocked out teeth, tooth displacement, tooth concussion, severe tooth pain or sensitivity, and tooth abscess. It is essential to understand which dental condition requires immediate dental care, to relieve the pain of the child.

Emergency pediatric dentists are specialized in providing immediate dental care to children who experience the dental conditions mentioned above. Moreover, they work to make the child more comfortable and pain-free.


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