What are emojis? How have they evolved over time?

what are emojis meaning definition

A successor of the emoticons that the 90s kids would be very much aware of, Emojis are the forms of expressions that we use today.  Unlike emoticons where the users were to express using the limited numbers and punctuations to create a face, the concept of emojis is more advanced or evolved.

It has become a very integral part of the chat room since it’s used in almost every second text or even used solely as a response. The emojis are now an added feature to our keyboards, offering about 239 (according to the updated list in 2017) representations of our feelings.


History of the Emoji-cons

Scott Fahlman introduced the very first emoticon in 1982. With the evolving technology and creativity, the fad started to take shape into something better.

Emoji is, in fact, a Japanese creation, the word, is derived from two Japanese words “E” meaning picture and “Moji” meaning Character. Shigetaku Kurita invented it in the year 1990 which was a 12×12 pixel image inspired by Manga art and Kanji characters. It was later when iOS decided to add a hidden emoji feature in their keypads, for the first iPhone in 2007 which did not remain a secret for long.

As the users discovered the emoji option, the usage also increased a lot, so more and more people wanted to get this feature. Due to Unicode who incorporated them, helped all users to get access to these wonderful yellow faces. But it gained its popularity due to Apple.

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Emojis have spread every place possible, given its self -explanatory usage. All form of social mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and is also prevalent in the Email culture. People have started accepting them as entirely normal which can also be a reason for its extensive usage.

They have set a certain standard for the people to communicate. So, if you are talking to someone and they crack a joke which is so unfunny that it does not even deserve an LMAO, you can use the laughing emoji instead. Or if you want to have some cocktails and a suntan with your friends, there’s emoji for that too! Hence, it works as a life saver.

Due to its popularity, Facebook came up with a concept of stickers that are bigger. You can even react to your favourite photos or videos, with a variety of emoji stickers.

Snapchat also did something similar. It came up with the “BITMOJI” which lets you create an avatar of your own, with tons of options to choose from to help you build your perfect virtual self. Later Bitmoji is linked to your Snapchat account, and it offers a wide range of stickers that includes your avatar. Now, who does not want to be a sassy chick and say it all with just a sticker!


As much as these emojis are fun, it is also essential to know which emoji to use. A lot of times, the way we interpret a particular emoji is not what it means. So we might end up using it every single time, but instead, it is just super embarrassing.


Some of the misinterpreted emojis are:

  1. You use “poop” emoji when you find something funny, but it means good luck
  2. The emoji where the woman with the hands up, is interpreted as being so cool and sassy but in reality it just means how can I help you
  3. The open hands’ emoji is said to be perceived as to say stop but actually, it means openness and hugs

Also please beware of the Eggplant emoji, you might want to avoid using it when you are talking to someone for the first time!

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