What are Fake Braces & How are They Bad for Your Oral Health?

It has become a new trend in teenagers to go for fake braces to show off their wealth. These fake braces will not cost you more than $100.

The orthodontic braces are useful for teeth alignment. However, Orthodontic treatment is not pocket-friendly and cost something around $1200.


These days, fake braces have become the new fad. But do you know that they can damage your oral as well as the overall health?

Yes, you may find fake braces as an excellent tool to keep the trend running. But they are indeed dangerous for your health. (1)

Fake braces may lead to oral health issues such as throat choking, poisoning, infection, tooth decay, etc.

Let’s delve deeper and find out more about fake braces and their harmful effects on oral health.

What are the fake braces?

Fake braces, also known as ‘DIY Braces,’ look similar to orthodontic braces. They include rubber bands, brackets, and pins.

Nowadays, fake braces are used as a fashion statement (2). Teens relate an orthodontic treatment with someone’s economic status and hence, they are getting attracted to cheap fake braces.

Fake braces are available in an unusual form with colorful and attractive designs. You can also get a fake brace with a famous cartoon face.

Teens often buy fake braces from online stores, street vendors or non-professional orthodontist.

Fake braces may make you look fashionable but at the same time they can make your teeth mobile and cause other oral health issues.

Fake braces do not align the teeth. The blunt forces exerted by fake braces harm the teeth and surrounding structures.

So, if you are so obsessed with braces, then you can think of pocket-friendly alternatives such as a clear retainer, cosmetic bonding or veneers.

Wearing fake braces is common in Asia and other parts of the world.

The risk associated with fake braces

The risk associated with fake braces include –

1. Chocking

Fake braces are made up of tiny parts which might break off during fitting. If these items are swallowed by the wearer, then they might enter your lungs and cause choking.

2. Poisoning

Fake braces are made up of hazardous chemicals and metals such as lead, etc. These items are toxic to health and might cause poisoning to the wearer.

3. Discolored teeth

The adhesive used to attach the braces may cause tooth discoloration or tooth decay. Also, damage to the blood vessels due to the pressure of a fake brace might cause tooth discoloration.

4. Tooth decay

Fake braces are a desirable place for plaque and food accumulation. Hence, if cleanliness is not maintained, then it initiates the tooth decay process.

5. Gum damage

The metal wires used in a fake brace often gets loose and might pierce the gum, leading to bleeding and gum infection.

6. Bone and tooth resorption

When an excessive force is excreted on the teeth, the surrounding bone and the root of the tooth start to resorb. The uneven forces exerted by fake braces result in teeth and bone resorption.

7. Dead teeth

The vitality of the tooth is because of the lymph, blood and nerve supply. A fake brace exerts excessive pressure on the teeth.

This cuts off the supply of blood and nerve to the tooth, making it non-vital. The non-vital tooth clinically shows the discoloration.

8. Loose teeth

Fake braces exert uneven pressure on the teeth and cause wearing of the surrounding bone. The worn out bone increases the space of tooth socket and cause loss of the grip on the tooth.

Hence, the tooth becomes loose and may exfoliate in severe bone loss cases.

9. Tooth extrusion

Tooth extrusion of anterior teeth is noted in fake braces wearer. Fake braces cause wearing off the bone and thus, tooth makes its way through gums, causing the extrusion.

10. Infections

Fake braces lead to constant oral mucosal irritation which may cause mouth sores. Also, the improper maintenance of hygiene causes various infections.

What to do if you already wearing fake braces?

If you are wearing fake braces, visit an orthodontist immediately and get them removed. The orthodontist will thoroughly examine your oral cavity for the damage and advise necessary treatment.

Do not hesitate or delay to see your dentist. Also, do not try to remove the braces on your own as it can cause accidental damage.

Alternative treatment options

If you choose to wear fake braces for getting your teeth aligned then stop. There is no alternative to a professional orthodontist.

Remember, moving a teeth to the desired place is not an easy task. If you are trying to do it with fake braces, then you are putting your oral health at risk.

You might end up with loose teeth or no teeth. If you do not find the cost in your budget, you may also opt for the other treatment alternatives.

The alternatives for an orthodontic brace are –

  • Porcelain veneers – Porcelain veneer look same as that of the natural teeth. Veneers come to the rescue if you want to correct the spacing between the teeth. Veneers can also make the slight alignment correction. (3)
  • Transparent retainers – Transparent retainers are cheaper and can correct the mild alignment issues.
  • Cosmetic teeth bonding – Cosmetic teeth bonding preserves the natural look of the tooth. It can be used to fill the gaps between the teeth. (4)

Over to you

If you think your teeth are misaligned and need correction, visit an orthodontist. Remember, only the orthodontist performs the teeth alignment treatment. No YouTube hacks and fake braces can align your teeth.


If you find the orthodontic treatment out of your budget, talk with your dentist as you might get ca onvenient payment plan which spread into several months.

Fake braces pose a mortal danger to teeth and oral health. It cost you tremendous in term of damage and treatment fees for repair.

Do not relate the fake braces to the symbol of wealth, status and style. Fake braces are not safe and may impose serious health issues.


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