Famous Dex Net Worth
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Famous Dex, the American Rapper, who is known for his mixtape Dexter Laboratory and who is set to release his debut album, is worth $750,000. Dex’s major source of income is his music sales. He has managed to release numerous tracks within two years and continues to work on many more. He also has entered into endorsement deals with Skate and Street and a Diamond supply co. Dex has had a dark past; from being a drug seller and involved in a robbery to a successful rapper, he has had tremendous growth.

Early Life

Dexter Gore Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised on the South Side of the city. His father was a US Army Lieutenant and his mother a waitress and a chef in a restaurant in Chicago.

Dex went to Hyde Park Catholic School and Hernandez Middle School. He then attended Paul Roberson High School. Dex is also nicknamed as Black Migo Dex. During his teenage, he was even involved in dope-slinging and robbery.

Dex is in a longtime relationship with Baby Mama, and the couple has three children.


Dex decided to have a career in music post death of his mother in 2014. He began to work on rapping and in 2015, he self-released his first mixtape “Never seen it Coming”.

After releasing several other mixtapes and creating a broad fan base, he was officially signed to Rich the Kid’s label Rich Forever Music.

His debut album “Dex Meets Dexter” is set to be released on April 6, 2018.

He has released about ten mixtapes including Dexter’s Laboratory, Drippy, #OhhMannGoddDamn, Rich Forever Music: The Mix Tape, The Heartbreak Kid, Rich Forever 2, Dexter the Robot, Rich Forever 3 and Read about it.

Dex’s rapping style is usually drill-rap with positivity and not aggression or menace like many other fellow rappers.

Famous Dex has also guest appeared on various other music videos of different artists like Rari, Honor Roll, Real Deal, Straight Up, Coach Cartier, Hop Out, New Rage, Made in China, Gotcho Bitch, Blade of Woe, Things I Brought, Zeta Zero 0.5 and ILYSM.

Famous Dex Net Worth

The net worth of the growing rapper is $750,000. Famous Dex has had a career in rapping for a concise period, and yet he is growing steadily.

Apart from his music sales, Dex has also entered in few endorsement deals which brings more additional revenue.

House and Cars

Dexter recently bought a house in Los Angeles and lives there with his girlfriend and children.

He owns a Lamborghini.


He signed an endorsement deal with Puma. However, when a footage showing Dex involving in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend was released, Puma cut ties with Dexter.

He also endorses the famous brad- Skate and Street fashion brand. He has also earned a deal with Diamond Supply Co.


Unlike several other rappers, who rap on abusive and violence topics, Famous Dex is known to bring out too much positivity through his raps. All his raps are very light-hearted which earned him a strong fan base.

With every new track, he has earned more and more fans nation-wide. The 24-year-old rapper is new to the music industry, and yet he has released several tracks back to back slowly and steadily establishing himself in the industry.

He is a favourite rapper for many. He is currently working on several other mixtapes and singles, and his debut is yet to be released.