Do You Miss Your Childhood? We Can Take You Back

Childhood – this simple word takes us back into good old memories. If you were lucky to be born in the 80/90’s, you know then how peaceful and enjoyable things were throughout those times. It has been a golden – era for the 80/90-s born folks.

Right from making colorful tiny paper boats during the monsoons and reading Champak or Chacha Choudhury or watching Chitrahaar in Doordarshan, as well as playing with marbles the childhood days of the 80/90’s were one of the exceptional ones!


Certain very common things which we were too much attached to during our childhood days (and also nowadays to some extent), are discussed below.


It was a known fact that we used to purchase a packet of chips, to collect the petty knick-knacks it had inside. It was really fun when we flaunted our collection of Tazos. Every day religiously the collection of Tazos of each one of us were counted!

The highest collector of the same soon got engulfed with a sense of pride amongst his associates.

Pepsi Ice Popsicles

Summers were welcomed with luxury, and we always waited for this particular season to arrive. The actual reason behind is the succulent ‘Pepsi Ice Popsicles.’ Almost all middle-class kid still has the notion about its taste and cost. It was one of the best things (amongst various others) to quench our thirst, in the summer-time.

Floppy Disks

If the children of new-age witness the Floppy Disk, they might scratch their heads in puzzlement and ponder, “What are these all odd things?”

With USBs, hard discs and PCs figuring out how to keep the vast majority of the information we have to spare, it is hard to recollect those days when only a handful of information could be saved in an external source. They were the ‘genuine dinosaurs’ of software programming.

Ravalgaon – Pan Pasand toffee

Ravalgaon’s Pan Pasand toffee used to be our favorite candy during our growing-up years. It tasted awesome, and we got overjoyed if somebody gifted us the same. During those days birthday parties were incomplete without a Pan Pasand!

Acid-Washed Jeans

Acid Washed Jeans were a style-statement intended to precisely create an impression! Anybody wearing them would make sure to be in the limelight, and not in a ‘good way’ either. This is likely one design pattern that many teenagers wished had never been in trend at all.


Unlike nowadays, we never had a smartphone to keep us entertained all through the day. A yo-yo was then our cult – chosen and one of the most-preferred time slayer of those days. We used to have a feeling of a boss when we roamed the streets with our Yo-Yo. We felt no less than a king!

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs from the 80s/90’s were likely THE fashion accessory that many wished had never existed in the market. Generally, they were gaudy, enormous and extremely valuable, thus enabling you to keep them joined at the midriff and hip.

But it kept the hands free to do various things. Startlingly they have made a ‘comeback’ off- late. However, they are a lot more manageable now!


Summer vacations meant a countless number of glasses of Rooh-afza daily. Who can forget the perfumed red drink which was always ready, irrespective of any occasion, during those days? It was super-hit at most of the birthday parties!

Tipi Tipi Tap

One of the best classroom game we had was the Tipi Tipi Tap. We became fluent in spellings and color names, courtesy this game. We used to devote hours making the example for this academic game.

Onida T.V

Who else dreaded the devil in green with ‘diabolical’ horns? We still tend to hold on to the tagline in our memories. ”Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride.” No one, especially of those times, can forget these words spewed out by the scary and green devil with horns!

Silly Putty

Before the times of slime and play-dough existed Silly Putty – a sticky-ish, beige, soft substance that children could invest hours making use of. They could mold it, bend it, and even enable it to dribble almost like a fluid. They could even mold it into crazy shapes.

Champak Comics

One who possessed a prevalent assortment of Champak Comics was considered to the ‘most-recognised’ one amongst the others within the cluster.  In recent times, it is very unfortunate that these ‘old-gold’s’ are published very rarely.


Marbles or ‘kanche’, as they were quite commonly christened! One in all probability spent never-ending mid-afternoons relishing the medleys of this game. During our childhood, certain infamous children played the whole afternoon with marbles with their ‘gully’ associates.

Are we one amongst them who had played a major role?

Koosh Balls

The Koosh Balls happened to overwhelm the world as far back as the late ’80s, and they stand out extraordinarily updating that some toys were glorious in their easiness. Only a cluster of foamed rubber strips framed together to make a ball.

These toys used to keep kids engaged for a considerable length of time. Furthermore, by one way or another, they had figured out how to stay available in the global market until this very day.

Paper Boats

The 90’s kids are still pro in making a paper boat and paper planes. We probably used to spend hours or the better part of the monsoon, making the same while couching at our window sill or porticos.

It used to be a delight when the tiny paper boats kept floating on the puddles of water outside our house. The smiles we all had on our faces never cost much then – it was just a few pieces of paper and countless giggles.

Mr Sketch Markers

For reasons, unknown individuals of 80’s/90’s were fixated on things that had scents in them like toys, stickers, and even markers. These Mr Sketch Markers had alarmingly solid scents.


However the color black smelled so much like licorice that it was the most-favorite one! They, beyond any doubt, kept the children occupied for a period at any rate for which numerous parents were extremely thankful.

Doordarshan screensaver

Those were the days when the lightest of slight interruption failed to get on to our nerves. In recent times, a slight disruption in the broadcasting of programs makes us cursing the local ‘cable-walas’ or the various network companies!

Summing up

In today’s world, no one has time to spare without any motive. The contemporary society of today is fast-paced. But still, at the back of our mind, the recollections of childhood days keep on cropping. It is but evident that life before was without a doubt much more straightforward, while leaving behind a trail of meaningful reflection of our childhood.


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